Korean idol Nana transforms into an alluring angel for MMORPG 'Ost Chronical'

Korean idol Nana transformed into a dark and white angel as the new face of MMORPG 'Ost Chronicle'.

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FromTheAshes2457d ago

Korean models do indeed "transform" into plastic dolls. South Korea is a haven for cosmetic surgery. Yuck.

PoSTedUP2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

its ok if youre not down with plastic surgery, but you dont know what they go through, they also have one of the highest (sometimes Thee highest) suicide rate in the World. she is beautiful.

FromTheAshes2457d ago

I frequented South Korea more than once. The place is full of the trivial and superficial needs to look "glamorous" or more important than they are.

Meanwhile North Korean's are being subjugated by a sinister dictator and no one hears about the suicide rate in that country.

2457d ago
PoSTedUP2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

thats because the suicide rate in N.Korea is very low? its a famly crime to take your own life in N.korea.

pasta_spice2457d ago

You post the same crap in every Korean girl article. Nobody cares about your weird anti-Korean stereotypes. And linking to a stupid Buzzfeed article hardly represents an entire nation of people with different interests, looks, and personalities.

FromTheAshes2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Are you Korean? 그래서 엉덩이 아파하지 마십시오.

Everything I said was true. And not only Buzzfeed but many sources online will show the extent Koreans chopped themselves up to look "pretty"

It's really sad.

Judging by your avatar. I wouldn't be surprised if (A) you are Korean or (B) have a "weird" Korean fetish. To each their own I guess.


It's really weird I don't feel the need to chop my face up or commit suicide. So my self esteem is pretty good actually. Thanks.

PoSTedUP2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

i know its really weird, as if her/his own self esteem is restricting his or her use of the internet other than posting anti-south korean glamour comments.

edit @ your edit: your repetitivness to post the same thing in every article is equivalent to hate and bullying, especially by what you just said in your edit. you stand corrected.

Pozzle2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

To be fair, many of the people in those before/after photos you linked to obviously have jaw malformations that had to be corrected via surgery. Just look at numbers 7, 8 (this guy couldn't even close his mouth in the 'before' shot!), 9, 14, 15, 16, 22, and 27. That is more than just being vain. People generally don't have their jaws broken and re-shaped for mere aesthetic reasons. That sort of surgery takes months (sometimes over a year) to properly heal and leaves you eating food via a straw while the bone heals D:

SaveFerris2457d ago

If a lot of Korean men and women are having cosmetic surgery to improve self esteem and get jobs etc. I hope they realise that their children will still look somewhat like their pre-surgery selfs.

2457d ago
wannabe gamer2457d ago

she put on a dress and they photoshopped the rest.... big deal.

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