The Rise and Fall of Crash Bandicoot

2014 has seen renewed requests from gamers to bring back the once loved platforming icon, Crash Bandicoot, and A Pixelated View wants to find out why.

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-Foxtrot1546d ago

Last good game for me was Twinsanity

The music and gameplay was Cortex in that game was hilarious

"It's true...blondes do have more fun"

tigertron1546d ago

The last "good" game was The Wrath of Cortex, but tbh, Crash died as soon as Naughty Dog stopped developing Crash games.

XisThatKid1546d ago

I agree to -Foxtrot and tigertron
I think PlayStation Allstars brought a deluge of awareness to an already known fact that the industry is at a certain kind of loss without (good) Crash games.
Thank you Activision for the F**kery.

breakpad1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

last good and a real swan song to the series was Crash Team Racing developed by ND and crushing Mario (the best cart IP)with ease ..filled with nostalgia of the former games and having the quality to surpass any battle cart race game

Sir_Simba1546d ago

For me crash never fell, I only played crash the ones naughty made, when other took the franchise it wasnt the same anymore.

Applejack1546d ago

These are the only Crash games that I've ever played and I plan on keeping it that way to keep my good memories of him.

Crash 2
Crash 3
Crash Team Racing
Crash Bash
Crash Nitro Kart
Crash The Wrath of Cortex

Ikki_Phoenix1546d ago

as soon activision took over thats when crash became crap

ScorpiusX1546d ago

Didn't Activision Always Own Crash .

Delsin_Rowe1545d ago

negativo, vivenda own crash before fusing with activision and they had a contract with PlayStation and NaughtyDog for 4 games, after that they did some games for crash then they fused with activision which he later pass away shortly when he heard he had to work with nintendo too. Then activision made a clone of crash with his dna and then the franchise died but rumors PlayStation bought him back and are riving the original crash by using Mass Effect 2 technology.

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The story is too old to be commented.