New Final Fantasy XV details will be revealed at Comic Fiesta 2014 tomorrow

New Final Fantasy XV details will be revealed at Comic Fiesta 2014 tomorrow.

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DarkOcelet1394d ago

I just love how we keep information about ffxv left and right almost every week now, back then we had to wait years for an update lol.

silkrevolver1394d ago

Agreed. Tabata is awesome, and I didn't know who he was even a handful of months ago!

DarkOcelet1394d ago

I honestly didnt trust him with FFXV until i played type 0 on the PSP and damn it was awesome and made me trust this guy, i am sure he will do an excellent job with it and i really hope you get type 0 hd to see just how great it and by far the most emotional ff to date. I have to say i didnt expect it to be that way but nonetheless it was a great surprise.

jambola1394d ago


Hopefully when i get to try type-0 i'll feel them same way

silkrevolver1394d ago

Yeah @darkOcelet: I'm really excited to play Type-0 HD. Honestly, the FFXV demo really is just an added bonus for me.

goldwyncq1394d ago

I remember 2 years back how every FFXIII article would be plagued by "Where's Versus XII!" comments.

sssb1394d ago

Yea it feel like our waiting will end soon, most wanted game for me alongside with the witcher 3

scark921394d ago

Is Final Fantasy Type-0 that good!? I should probably look out for it then, I wish it was going to be on the Vita!

NoctisPendragon1394d ago

Final Fantasy Type-0 is realy good and maybe more if you know how to play it.

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Cha0tik1394d ago

I'm so ready for this game!

Kurisu1394d ago


I can't wait until March. Episode Duscae come at me!

Cha0tik1394d ago

I can't wait to replay Type-0 and stream FF XV. My reactions are going to be unreal.

NoctisPendragon1394d ago

I am not ready yet , i realy want a collector FF XV PS4.

Kurisu1394d ago

Replay? Lucky! I played the Type-0 PSP demo but that's it, so I'm looking forward to playing the full game.

Eiyuuou1394d ago

Satisfy my curiosity SE!

Meryl1394d ago

Great news about news!

alstruck1394d ago

Announcement for an upcoming announcement.. It's all about hype