7 Ways to Stop Hackers Ruining Your Christmas Gaming

Dealspwn writes: Hackertards have once again screwed over gamers by hacking into PSN and Xbox Live just in time for one of the busiest times of the year. Sure, the hackers think they're punishing the big companies, or 'sticking it to the man', but in fact, they're affecting regular folk who want to enjoy a bit of online gaming with friends over the holidays before heading back to work. Let's face it, Destiny is more useful as a coaster when offline. Rather than list the painful punishments we wish on the hackers, we've come up with seven things to do with your consoles that the hackers can't interfere with.

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FuzzyPixels1417d ago

Yup, jumping into an RPG is always the answer. Spoiled for choice this year with DAI, Divinity, Wasteland II etc. Spent much of Boxing Day playing Persona Q and FFX HD.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231417d ago

Just watched the video interview that sky news just had with the guy responsible for the down time, he said people should be out with family and friends instead of behind a console........Says the guy stuck behind his computer in his mums basement over christmas ruining everyone elses.

bggriffiths1417d ago

I'm planning on falling into Fallout Vegas for the next month. Just got the Ultimate GOTY thingy version. Pretty sure I can wait for getting my ass handed to me at COD for a while.

Hellsvacancy1417d ago

Tried playing BF4 last night, my computer said no, I ended up watching Chef and The Interview instead, Chef wasn't my idea, we have to cater for the opposite sex sometimes

FuzzyPixels1417d ago

That film just made me really, really hungry.

vikingland11417d ago

I can't play any of my games on ps4. I think because my son and I share games digitally. When I try to play it says can't connect to servers to verify licenses. This includes GTA V,DAI,FC4 and LBP3. They need to fix the game sharing so I can at least play the games I bought.

Gohadouken1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Unfortunately it probably works as intended . Of course game sharing would be contingent to licences and account checking , as oppose to just playing a disc or digital version offline normally .

No way they'll change that and allow sharing with the licence checks .

I think you're owed a month of two of subscription at the very least for your trouble

Summons751417d ago

That won't ever be fixed. It's one of the many reasons digital online will never be the future and why people HATE the idea of online only. Sorry you couldn't play any games though, that's really unfortunate.

Summons751417d ago

I disagree the point on the WiiU. Yes you should get one but not because of "hackers" which haven't even been the cause of the Christmas day outages. After I got home from my holiday events I hopped on PSN only to find it down so then I turned to the WiiU only to find that down as well so it's not much MS and Sony that was down. Everyone was getting ALL new systems and hitting the online. I'm a bit late to the party but I got South Park SOT for Christmas so I played that all day. Yesterday I bought Destiny only to have the online crash again and I have to wait until later today to pop it on.

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