Fault Milestone One Reads Like the First Act of a Good Yarn | Siliconera Review

"One of the tricky things about writing playtests is when I know that parts of the audience are going to know more than me about the genre, series, or creators. Now, nobody can be an expert on everything and most people understand that so it’s not the end of the world when I get something wrong, but nobody likes making mistakes. I feel like my coverage of visual novels so far for this site has been mistake riddled.

Every genre of video game has certain tendencies, and people learn which genres they tend to prefer. What this means is that it makes no sense for a writer to knock a game for traits that are shared by every entry in the genre because those complaints aren’t going to be relevant to the audience the game is targeting. It doesn’t make sense to complain about wanton killing in a shooter, needing to invest 60+ hours to finish an RPG, or bizarre and unintuitive controls in a fighting game."

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