Top 5 Steam Winter Sale Games You Haven’t Heard Of For Under £1

Joseph Dwan writes: Every year the winter sale comes around and the front page is filled with great deals for some of the top games of the year, and then some, but there are over 6000 specials on Steam right now. Going through these games reveals some absolute rubbish, arguably not even worth their miniscule price tag. So, here are my top 5 games you probably haven’t thought of getting, which you could probably buy just by selling those Steam trading cards off, in no particular order.

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MarcoGT1418d ago

I got GT legends and gtr 2 for 99p each and they're an awesome sim. Absolute bargain!

Stiffler1417d ago

I already picked up Toki Tori a while ago and LYNE yesterday but I'll be sure to pick up DEFCON for 0.99 which is usually $10. Very good list there and thanks for the article.

Lots of hidden gems if you're willing to have a browse. God damn you steam! :)

Happy gaming!

Xristo1417d ago

If you are looking for hidden gems, this forum thread might help:


dota2champion1417d ago

Super Meatball boy was on sale for 74 cent. One of the best platformer