Acquire returning to consoles, details coming on Kingdom Hearts III and Pokken, more

4Gamer has once again conducted a mass survey of Japanese developers’ closing thoughts on 2014 in the game industry, as well as what they’re looking forward to on a professional and personal level in the coming year. It’s a massive post, so we’ve abridged their remarks to focus less on retrospective stuff and more what’s to come. Similar to our coverage of an article Dengeki ran earlier this week that also gathered a bunch of developer quotes on the future, while it’s light on hard hitting news, as is the way of these things, there are still allusions a plenty to new games and new projects that are coming in 2015 from a lot of developers big and small, some of whom we haven’t heard from very much recently. Plus, if you look hard enough, there’s even some philosophizing on game development in the current age to be found. Catch our translations of their pertinent words below.

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GokuSolosAll1416d ago

Pokken, if done right, will be a major success. It needs to be a lighter version of Tekken (not dumbed down, just some simpler aspects like lenient inputs and at least one simple character) but should retain elements of Pokemon (namely, Typing, Hold Items, Stats, Abilities, ect).

Get the online right and we're golden. Hope to see it at EVO.

LAWSON721416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I think Pokken stands no chance if it is based on Pokemon stats. It is a fighting game and the key to a good one is competitive drive. When the only way to win is by picking a water type to fight a grass type, what's the point? It would be all about statistics not talent, so how is that even remotely competitive?

The only thing they should do is decide fighting styles based on Pokemon stats, nothing else.

Majin-vegeta1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I'm kinda hoping the game plays more like around the anime.Where you can dodge attacks,use other moves to counter moves.

Like so.

The whole you gotta stand there and let your pokemon die battling is getting old and needs to be switched up.Also using the moves while doing combos.Like in the trailer would make it even better.

Blastoise1416d ago

For 2015 I'm waiting on localization announcememts for Digimon Cyber Sleuth, God Eater Rage Burst, a collectors edition of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for Europe & new footage of Persona 5.