Kingdom Hearts III News Coming in 2015 with a "Vivid Look" and Keyblade Transformations

Looks like Kingdom Hearts fans are in for a few surprises soon, as mentioned by Kingdom Hearts III director Tai Yasue.

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CyrusLemont1418d ago

I really want to play 1 & 2, but I'd love to do that through remakes :)

TheLyonKing1418d ago

The remakes are excellent, the remixed sound tracks are great. My only gripe is dream drop distance isn't there and I fear squareenix might make it a standalone game. I hope they include it with kh 3

Sir_Simba1417d ago

You seem to know about kingsom heart. Does Kingdom Heart 2.5 have the 1st one and 2nd game. been searching but cannot get a confirmation.

TheLyonKing1417d ago

@MinaBossT so kh 1.5 has the first game Kingdom hearts 1 and chain of memories which was the GBA game released after kingdom hearts 1, though you are getting the 3d version that was released in japan on the ps2 but in HD.
Finally you get 358/2 as a movie to watch.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 has kingdom hearts 2 and birth by sleep as well as re:coded as a movie.

Kingdom hearts 2.5 collectors edition has all the games mentioned above.

I hope this helps.

-Foxtrot1417d ago

Yeah not having DDD is a right screw up in my opinion...apparently it's needed to understand KH3

Anyway I hate the way DDD know with all that keyblade master stuff it's so unfair to Sora.

KimikoGaming1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


KH 1.5 HD had footage of the three games that make up KH 2.5 HD in its credits. KH 2.5 HD has footage of KH:DDD in its credits. 1.5 HD came out in 2013, 2.5 in 2014. I bet you KH:DDD HD will be released in 2015, as well as a PS4 collection of all of the HD KH games, and then KH3 in 2016.

As far as it being unfair to Sora... How exactly is it unfair to Sora? Sora was asleep for the duration almost 2 games (About Half of 358/2 days, about a fourth of KH2, and almost the entirety of KH:DDD). Why would a character who has been asleep for that amount of time be made a keyblade master? Riku's the one that did everything.

-Foxtrot1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


"Sora was asleep for the duration almost 2 games"

AND? That wasn't his fault after everything he went through in the first game and chain of memories.

Sora wasn't even supposed to be the Keyblade owner yet despite the odds he managed to save ALL WORLDS twice over in KH and KH2.

Rikku lost his heart to darkness straight away, the REAL keyblade owner loosing his heart before he even had it in his hand. I mean come on he should of never become passed the Keyblade Master test that easily.

Sora screwed up ONCE in DDD, he fell for a trick and Rikku had to save him THAT ONE TIME. That's it

How the hell can you fail a guy who saved every world out there twice over when he wasn't even supposed to be the wielder of light yet just forget all of that because he made one little mistake. It's basically like

"Yeah thanks for saving all our worlds from darkness twice over, battle deadly forces of darkness when you wern't supposed to and help restore the balance to light in our worlds....BUT you fell for a trick so I'm going to have to forget everything you've done and fail you"

He should of became a Keyblade Master after KH2 when he saved the worlds again

The benefit of the doubt should of been given and Rikkus test should of been harder because despite his partial redemption he still lost his heart easily.

So yeah it's very unfair to Sora, he should of passed in that game despite falling for that one trick. He's the true keyblade master.

"Riku's the one that did everything" he didn't, Sora did more work while Rikku was against him for one of the games. Rikku did more harm then good.

Sevir1417d ago

@Foxtrot... I appreciate the way they are developing the characters and the set backs they've given Sora. As you said, Soda was never meant to wield a Keyblade, he was second best because Rikku chose darkness. Sora too lost his heart and became a heartless and regained his heart by unconventional means. Much the same, Rikku came to his own and committed to the darkness to Restore Sora...

It makes sense, Sora became cocky! He's incredibly talented and very much somewhat of a show off, his light is strong but Rikku has been back on both ends and has done much in restoring his own self. He was given the mark of mastery because he acknowledged his ties to the darkness. Unfair or not I'd have been upset if Sora was named Keyblade master, he's still a brash young kid.with some maturing to do.

And don't forget, in KH, both Light and Darkness has the propensity to be used for good or Evil. Rikku Used the darkness to Restore Sora and Master Eriqus (I think that's how his name was pronounced) used his light for evil when trying to Kill Ventus. Both Light and Darkness can be used in wrong and good ways. We all believed Eriqus had control over his light and in the end he was prepared to forsake his students over his own belief.

Sora's story is far from over and this Saga will wrap up just a portion of Sora's development. I say just sit right and see how KH3 plays out. It's gonna be awesome.

-Foxtrot1412d ago


Sora has been there aswell, he became a bloody heartless and managed to be revived straight away. How long did it take Rikku?....oh yeah only CoM, 358/2 and KH2.

Sora pretty much got over his cockyness in KH and learnt a few more lessons in KH2, he pretty much learnt everything there is about light and dark way before Rikku so it still dosen't make sense.

If you are the keyblade master and you end up loosing your heart before you've even weiled the thing then you shouldn't become a Keyblade Master straight away, especially over a guy who was "second best" but ended up being the best thing for all worlds twice over. Rikku screwed up a shit load of times, Sora messed up once in DDD and suddenly that nullifies everything he's done. Sorry but I can't believe that, it's stupid whatever way you look at it

Fact is Rikku had his chance...he failed, he should of never been able to wield a keyblade after KH. That was something he should of gained in the very end of KH3 when it comes out. If Sora failed in DDD on his own fair enough but loosing to Rikku...sorry but it's silly.

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RedstonerMC1417d ago

Just play the originals. the dated graphics are dealable on the old consoles and if necessary and possible you can use PCSX2 and play it on your computer with better graphic settings.

Blackleg-sanji1418d ago

Nope dont do this to me square...dont hype me up like this

skulz71417d ago

Can't wait for this! In the meantime I would love to play 1.5 and 2.5 on PS4!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1417d ago

SHOW ME! I'm currently playing BBS:FM. I'll save KH2:FM for last.

trenso11417d ago

I'm trying to platinum those games kh2 is a best