DJ’s 2014 Game of the Year Awards

The DJ Team collectively write "Welcome gamers to the 2014 Game of the Year awards, hosted by the crew here at Daily Joystick Podcasts. 2014 was a big year for gamers, with new consoles on the block and a host of big promises from console makers and game developers. So, this year we decided to choose a few different awards to suit the year that was. So without further waiting, here are the categories, the winners, the runner up’s and of course the losers. "

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joab7772027d ago

This is an Xbox site correct? I know it isn't but...I dunno. For me, it's Dragon Age and it isn't even close. Destiny would be second because it's positives seriously outweigh it's issues and it does so much so very well.

kwandar2026d ago

I agree - xbox site. You can say all you want about game of the year but when none of your runner-ups in any category are Nintendo games .... and it is generally acknowledged that Nintendo had the best library out this year ...

... you know you're reading marketing material.

DaGamingKing2025d ago

DJ is a multi console site, so its not X1 skewed. Shadow of Mordor which won GOTY was a multi system release. In fact most of the games that took awards were multi system releases. If your butt hurt about Smash Bros or Mario Kart 8 not winning the GOTY award, its because those games were the same as every other bleeding version released every year or two on the Big N.