PSN Down: Is there anything Sony can actually do?

PSU discusses Sony's options in relation to its continued outage.

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DarkOcelet1393d ago

Wasn't there a hacker that gave up the ip address of everyone in the lizard squad? Why isnt the authorities doing something about it? What are they waiting for and its not only Sony that is facing this problem so the question should be for all parties affected.

Skate-AK1393d ago

The authorities still have to investigate, even if those are their IP addresses.

DarkOcelet1393d ago

Yes i am sure they are but i mean if they are monitoring or investigating those people, shouldn't something would have came up by now considering the recent events unless these are not the people.

Ripsta7th1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Is xbl back up yet? Im on ps4 and Psn isnt back up yet

I read somewhere though that kim dotcom made a deal w lizard squad and offered them all(LS) a year memebership if they left psn and xbl alone

Supposedly they agreed and they stopped attacking
That kim guy said it was all up to Sony and MS now
Edit: i completely agree with you DarkAvenger

TXIDarkAvenger1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

That Kim guy most likely screwed it up for all of us. Bribing a hacking group, only for them to do it again to get more free sh*t.

GearSkiN1393d ago

Xbox is working fine for me. My PSN is still down.

SegaGamer1393d ago

If there is anything to learn from this it is that we will never be ready for an always online console.

AngelicIceDiamond1393d ago

Yep the crap MS tried pitching last year. Its amazing how little I could do when offline.

I mean talk about giant paper weight.

souldestroyer141393d ago

I was over my friends house yesterday and he got a ps4 for Christmas. He isn't that good with technology so I helped him out with getting it to work. Can't get online atall ccan't even bring his account over to ps4 or even make a new one. He played cod aw campaign as a guest and stopped playing. Decided to pick up from where he left off and it started it from the beginning because you can't save a game file to a guest account. So you can't even enjoy an offline game on ps4 if you got one for Christmas.

akurtz1393d ago

One of my friends is on but I still can't connect, says psn is under maintainance. Its slowly recovering I'm assuming

RDF1393d ago

No problem for me. NA. Could be just holiday traffic with all those sales going on.

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The story is too old to be commented.