Pandora, Other Apps Launch On Xbox One

Five new media apps launched on the Xbox One this week. Gamers who own the Microsoft console can now download apps for Pandora, Vevo, Bravo Now, Telemundo Now and Popcornflix.

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B1uBurneR2021d ago

Solid entertainment system.

traumadisaster2021d ago

Can you listen to custom background music while playing? Day 1 tried to listen to my music during forza, no dice.

Tried so snap in Pandora from the browser and could listen but with the screen snapped and game minimized. Is that fixed?

This new Pandora app hopefully will work in background...

annoyedgamer2021d ago

But still cannot play USB headsets. I will not rest until that feature is added.


That would be sweet. I have a Logitech G35 headset and been looking for a headset for my Xbox but so many wires is a big turn off for me.

Gaming247allday2021d ago

Nice to see more Apps coming to the Service, Xbox LIVE just gets better and better!

souldestroyer142021d ago

It's very responsive too hit play and music is playing instantly

VINNIEPAZ2021d ago

I wish they were, then I could listen to my own music while playing a game without having to have an app snapped. Id love that while I play Sunset Overdrive. My PS4 has it, so I wouldn't say leading the way if I were you lol.

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