Reasons Why Nintendo’s Upcoming Console Should Worry Microsoft

GamerBolt: "Isn’t it great that we’ll soon be able to use the term ‘next gen’ once again?"

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jhoward5851390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

I don't think Microsoft has anything to worry about. Nintendo Lack game content.Hopefully they can cracked out more games by then b/c Hardware power isn't everything.

Godmars2901390d ago

It is when your console is considered to be at least one gen behind the competition. And though the WiiU is considered to be "current gen", by specs it was designed to competite against the PS3 and 360, not the XO and PS4.

As for content, Nintendo has Mario, Link, Metriod and Pokemon, as well as over twenty years of old IP to draw from. Whereas MS has Halo and Gears, which technically share the same genera, and anything from Rare, which they've pretty much ignored and let fester. Are getting back up to speed just this gen.

jhoward5851390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Its not the number of Ips Nintendo has under their belt that worries me, its whether Nintendo can crack out enough games in a timely manner. This is what hurt Nintendo's repetition in the past.

The part where you said, "It is when your console is considered to be at least one gen behind the competition is true. But, Nintendo would have to satisfy all genre of game by themselves since they don't have the 3rd party support yet. Sure, twenty years of old IP to choose from, but if they can't get them out in time in the hands of wii U owners it won't matter.

freshslicepizza1390d ago

nintendo will need a new gimmick like we saw with the wii for them to get back to the market in any real competitive way. they simply dont use the same resources in research and development like microsoft and sony do who are both willing to take initial losses on the hardware. nintendo is all about being profitable since all they do is gaming. a new gimmick that takes off is the only way third party developers will treat the new nintendo console seriously. otherwise its the same old same old of easy ports that ps4 and xbox one owners wont care about. that leaves the first party games to once again carry the load.

they should also keep online gaming free and price it at $299.

xHeavYx1390d ago

I chuckled when I read the title.

DevilOgreFish1389d ago

I'm 50/50 on this, but I think It's too early for Nintendo to release another console. I'd hate to see the consoles following the trends of smart phones, being released too often. It would be great to see a powerful console put together by them, but this would speed up the generation and might not be practical for the new hardware and also money wise for's their call.

breakpad1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

probably new Nintendo console will vanish Xbone presence in Japan completely(if they will not disappear by themselves by the course of things) for Sony ,Ninty will be late at least 2 years , with Sony already established solid base at that time will be at their most sparky period with multiple games coming out for it..if Ninty did not apply their usual stealing tactic ,throw all the money at the best Japan made game of the period, will not see any difference from the current system......

ShinMaster1389d ago

@ moldybread

"nintendo will need a new gimmick like we saw with the wii"

NO they don't. They already tried to repeat the Wii's success with another gimmick, the "Gamepad", named their new console Wii U. IT DID NOT WORK. Casuals are like nomads. They go from one trend to the next and Nintendo already lost them.

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Apex131390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Did this guy just say game content and lack of with Nintendo. Wow. My ps4 is dusty right now, no xb one till gears or something compelling drops, so guess which one is being used most...yes the wii U.

Nineteen do clearly made a mistake with specs and that stupid name wii U/messaging but they do hve the best games currently and the quality shows as they don't beed game updates every month like Sony and MS.

Also this new system won't be out for at least 3 years. The wii u will die an early death sadly but the other two will also be dropping new systems in the 5 year frame. A little early to speculate. The new handheld is coming in time for e3

jhoward5851390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

My PS4 is dusty two, lol. But the drought in games is to be expected in the 1st year. The 1st year has always been a drought in game, so Its an obvious commonality. The 2nd year should be much better I think.

Nintendo does have some quality games out for the wii U which is good. But the Wii U hardware will still lack variety in games. Personally speaking, I don't like every aaa Nintendo games spread out on a year to year basis. Hopefully, this isn't the case with Nintendo's next gen console b/c I want to play them all with in 2 years time frame.

As for MS/Sony, I don't see them releasing their next gen console in 5 years b/c I think 5 years doesn't give most devs enough time to lean how to make games in an open world environment. they've got a lot to learn before they get the hang of it.

ABizzel11390d ago

You Wii U also has 2 years under it's belt, while PS4 and XBO just have 1. Wii U didn't get momentum until late 2013, and is finally hitting it's stride post Mario Kart, with a great Fall line-up, early 2015 line-up, and holiday 2015 line-up.

Meanwhile PS4 and XBO both have strong first party games that won't see the light of Day on Wii U such as Dragon Age, Far Cry, GTAV, Shadow of Modor, Destiny (greatness debatable), COD: AW, The Evil Within, EA Sports (if that's your thing), Alien, Dark Souls 2, Batman Arkham Knight, The Witcher, battlefield, and so many more.

That's the point he was trying to make, not that the Wii U has no games. Buying a Wii U as a main platform means your giving up not only other console exclusives, but the majority of 3rd party support as well. The Wii U has the best exclusives currently, and it has the most (again 2 years), but 2015 might change quantity (PS4 has tons and tons of exclusives).

The other point he was trying to make is Nintendo relies heavily on it's main series 2D Mario, 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Spin-off, Zelda, Smash, and then they dig into their chest of IP's and pull out what they feel like making that year, which is most often 2D platformers staring a different character. Nintendo doesn't have the benefit on letting 3rd parties carry other genres for them, and for huge FPS fans the Nintendo can never satisfy them, for huge Action Adventure fans Nintendo can never fully satisfy them, for huge RPG fans Nintendo can never really satisfy them (3DS can, Wii U No based on previous console), and that's the other point he was trying to make. Fans of a genre need more than 3 - 4 games per generation, they want 10+ which is what the PS4 / XBO can offer thanks to 3rd party support. Nintendo has this huge pool of IP's but they don't have the dev power / desire to pump out more games annually. Which again is why Nintendo is a hard sell to today's core gamer as a single platform owner.

I think all of us who have a Wii without a doubt are enjoying it, because it has some great exclusives. But if I only had one console it would never be a Nintendo console until they get significantly better 3rd party support.

The last part I completely agree with you on. Nintendo won't have a new console until 2016 at the earliest and even then it's 99% unlikely to happen then because they'll still be in the same space of being only slightly more powerful than the PS4 / XBO. So 2017 / 2018 is the more likely case.

Dramacydal1390d ago

Play it? It's not like there is a huge variety of content on either PS4 or Xbox One. Personally speaking of course, I'm rockin':

PS4: Mordor, Isaac, GTA, Lego Batman 3, PvZ:GW, TLoU, Don't Starve, Fez

X1: Sunset Overdrive, Valiant Hearts, Alien. Evil Within, Never Alone, Halo

Wii U: Toad Treasure Tracker, Mario Kart, Mario 3D World, Nintendoland, Wii U Party

Saying any of the 3 consoles are dusty shows you bought a console to own it, not play it.

jholden32491389d ago

Early death? For 30 years Nintendo has released a new home console like clockwork in 5-6 year intervals. Which means in 2017-2018, the Nintendo machine will be fully greased and ready to drop the next. Not early. Not late. If there's one thing in life that's certain, it's that Nintendo will drop a new home console every 5 to 6 years.

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Gaming247allday1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Nintendo hasn't been relevant in a long time, and they will stay that way until they step up their Online game, even Sony has stepped up their Online game now with PSN compared to were it was when the PS3 launched, now is the time though Nintendo, and make a normal Controller already Nintendo!

WickedLester1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

"Nintendo hasn't been relevant in a long time, and they will stay that way until they step up their Online game"

Yet out of the 3 consoles, the Wii U is the only one that I can consistently get online with and play against others with no connection issues, no hacks, no DDOS attacks, etc. Nintendo's network isn't "sexy" compared to PSN or Live but damn if it doesn't work every...single...time!

PokemonMaster1390d ago

@WickedLester Lets be honest. No ones gonna hack a network where's there's only 4 people online playing at a time.

jcnba281389d ago

Yes PSN.. the network that keeps on going down..

Yes, Sony really stepped up their game..

combolock1390d ago

Not everybody has the time to play video games like you. I know a_adji is on a gaming website but that doesn't mean he has to be somebody that games 5 hours a day. Just a heads up.

WickedLester1390d ago

So you blame the console(s)? If someone is too busy in their lives to play that's their issue, not the console's.

TBONEJF1390d ago

I pity the fool who don't think NO ONE ISN'T worried bout NINTENDO

jholden32491389d ago

"Don't think no one isn't"

Dude, that's like a triple negative lol. My head is still spinning trying to figure out what you meant by that

Gamer19821390d ago

Nobody has to worry because Nintendo are working on a new console.. great however Ps4 was being worked on for over 5 years before it being released so the new Nintendo console will be no doubt as developers have to have games ready for release and the console has to have a lot of factors, you cant just bundle a lot of hardware together and make it work. The problem with taking so long to develop a console of course is by the time it's released it is out of date hardware like with the ps4 and xbox one and its why they cant handle 1080p with every current game. No doubt when the specs were decided they were easily powerful enough for 1080p gaming.

3-4-51390d ago

It's releasing in 2017/2018.

Nintendo starts working on their new console LITERALLY the day after they finish the current console.

It's been this way forever.

showtimefolks1390d ago

MS has enough to worry about as is, selling their console at a loss right now. giving away free games and gift cards yet still not being able to outsell ps4.

Nintendo on the other hand also are just idiots, if i was running Nintendo i would open atleast 10 more studios and hire a lot of talent to make sure that games are coming out sooner rather than later

also Nintendo it doesn't hurt to get feedback from publishers and developers and do mostly what they want, i am tired of Nintendo never getting 3rd party support and majority of the blame is on Nintendo

hire more developers and open new studios. Next nintendo console should launch with

new Mario
new Zelda
Metriod within first year
smash bros within first year
mario kart at launch

a star fox game within first 18 months
animal crossing within 6 months

and than we will see how the console doesn't sell. bottom line is Nintendo are the same as other Japaneses publishers, where they are still stuck 10 years back with how they do things

square enix

all 3 should be pumping out excellent games yet all we get are crappy titles and than they wonder why they don't make money


i fully trust phil spencer and there is no way he is gonna mess up for next gem, i think he along with MS learned their lesson

shloobmm31389d ago

Selling consoles at a lost isn't a new thing. It has been the way since the very beginning, they make up for it in the software sales.

Cid331389d ago

Nintendo has a ton more ip´s then Microsoft, what they need is third party support. If the new console is as powerful and has the same architecture as current gen i think devs will be more willing to release titles on that console. also history shows that they are good at snagging sales from Sony and Microsoft, my guess is it will be only slightly more powerful then current gen, also i don't think any of the big three have to worry about each other, they all have their loyal fanbase.

Muzikguy1389d ago

Did I miss where Nintendo is releasing a new console and abandoning the WiiU? I must have... But I'm not reading anything from "Gamingbolt"

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Big_Game_Hunters1390d ago

Only microsoft? If Nintendo makes a console that actually has the power and third party support to compete, more than MS should be worried. Think about it, Sony nor MS would be able to keep a console alive with pretty much nothing but exclusives.

BenqMagician1390d ago

Lol with Nintendo releases a new console in 2016 and at what price will the x1 and ps4 be at that point. Just like the price of a wii u compared too the price and value of 360 and ps3.

KillerResistance1390d ago

Nintendo has always over-hyped their new stuff, how do we know we can actually trust them on this? They have always been behind on Hardware ever since the Wii. Gamecube was actually on par with the modern systems, but the Wii and higher have fallen behind, and by that i mean even the handhelds. DS has way less power than the PSP, 3DS has less power than the Vita, Nvidia Shield, and the Iphone.

MSBAUSTX1389d ago

"Always been behind on hardware ever since the Wii"

That was just last gen dude. And whether it was behind or not it sold over 100 million units which is more than either of the other big manufactorers. So your point isnt very valid. Not to mention missleading. They havent "always been behind". Just since last generation. Before that they made some ground breaking stuff and in extremely economic ways.

First time I paid more than $250 for a Nintendo was the Wii u and it came with the game pas, pro controller, Zombi U, and Nintendo land. So hardly breaking my bank account when I get value like that. Between my PS4 and XB1 I almost dropped $1000 when purchased. So sometimes it isnt about the hardware. There are many other factors at work in a consoles success.

LOL_WUT1390d ago

Who's to say they will actually make their next console more powerful then the other two? Didn't we hear the same thing with this gen? And look how that turned out.

I honestly hope they are in talks with 3rd party publishers to get them all on board don't wait till the very end Nintendo ;)

Big_Game_Hunters1389d ago

No one said that, the article is about "what if"

MRMagoo1231389d ago

You are very welcome to delete your account and not come back if you feel the site is somehow slanted towards a particular company, but if you have any common sense you would realise that considering PS4 has double the sales of the xbone and is smashing it in world wide sales every single week, there would be more PS4 fans compared to the tiny user base of the xbone in comparison.

lawgone1389d ago

MRmagoo...that was the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen. How about you delete your account?

shloobmm31389d ago

Neither can Nintendo which is why they would be making a new console so soon.

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MultiConsoleGamer1390d ago

Nintendo's next console is a couple of years away.

No_Limit1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Why would MS be worry when they outsold the Wii U in the stares like 1.2 million vs 245k during November? Smash Bros, one of the best exclusives for Nintendo, didn't help much and no matter how much power the next console Nintendo will have, they still lack third party support and most importantly, they don't have a robust online and media service like what MS is providing.

It is like buying a cell phone these days without the software and service that let people do multiple things, doesn't matter how powerful the phone or game system is, if it doesn't have the standard of what people expect today, then it will never work.

Metallox1390d ago

Besides of what is stated in the piece (which is barely something), we don't know anything about Nintendo's future console. Time will tell what is going to be inside of it and also what Nintendo is going to do with it. We'll see if Microsoft should worry about it.

But for now, let's not speculate about the topic and put November sales in the United States as a reference, we're not going anywhere.

No_Limit1390d ago

But like I said, it is more about software and media content and online structure that will make or break Nintendo's next effort..moreso than power. Nintendo haven't shown they are willing to invest on these adaptation from the Wii to Wii U, and it is hard to imagine they can just turn on the switch and magically catch up on MS and Sony on that front that is why I don't see them as a thread now or in the near future.

Don't get me wroong as I love my Wii just as my other 2 current gen consoles and the exclusives Nintendo provided this year is second to none but I am just speaking of how pretty much the gaming population see things with Nintendo.

GokuSolosAll1390d ago

They should worry if Nintendo plays their cards right. They sucked twice in a row now, so third time is the charm. They need to make something comparabld to a PS5 to make anyone care about their weak ass hardware.

Ashby_JC1389d ago

Twice in a row?

The Wii was number one console last gen.

As for sucked....thats subjective. I myself havent owned a nintendo anything in a Long long time. And dont see that changing.

The ONLY way I could see myself buying a nintendo in the future is if they continued with there own IPS and got 3rd party support from the games I love.