Naked Nord Run Proves ESO Community Has Fun

Skyrim Fansite writes: "The Naked Nord run proves that the ESO community knows how to have a good time.

If you were in Davon’s Watch this evening at 7:00 PM Central Time, you were in for a surprise. A trio of Twitch streamers sponsored the “Naked Nord Run” — a race open to all level 3 Nords. The rules? No horses, no potions, and no clothes. This was a footrace from Davon’s Watch all the way to Fort Virak, with the winners to claim 225 thousand in gold.

The ESO streamers responsible for this gathering of naked Nords were Dendroth, Demonicles, and Wulfenitegame. The race and after party were live streamed on Twitch, and players with names like “oh look a naked nord,” “Naked Nord Running,” and “Nord Streaker” were hopeful contestants. Alas, my Nord (Sven Bonebreaker) tried to take the direct route to Fort Virak by hitting the water and swimming. About five minutes into the race though, Sven was eaten by slaughterfish (not a pleasant way to go if you’re a Nord — especially if you’re naked).

I think I speak for all the contestants when I say that the Naked Nord Run was a blast. Not only was the race one of the most lighthearted moments in my Elder Scrolls travels, it showed again that the ESO community really knows how to kickback and have a good time."

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ThunderPulse2019d ago

Next year its the Naked Argonian Marathon!