Watch Dogs GOTY 2014 - Vault of the Gameverse

While Watch Dogs had plenty of issues, it's still a great game. Out of the many great games that came out in 2014, Vault of the Gameverse chooses Watch Dogs as their GOTY.

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NovusTerminus3192d ago

I enjoyed Watch_Dogs, but no. It would not be my GotY.

So far the best game I've played this year is Freedom Wars.

crazychris41243192d ago

If this is game of the year than im man of the year.

Ron663192d ago

Watch dogs is a great game but not g.o.t.y. That would be Shadow of Mordor!!

Ikki_Phoenix3192d ago

shadow of mordor is ok and thats it for me..no way a goty
repetitive,world is ok too but nothing to explore or to be interested,all you do is killing and nothing else

i like the protagonist tho
i hope for a sequel and be better than the first one

my goty is easily dragon age inquisition the best 70bucks i ever spend this year..180 hours and still not done with the game

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Watch Dogs Deserves A Remake, More Than Ever

With the world of information and technology, privacy and security growing every day, Watch Dogs deserves another chance in the spotlight, now more than ever.

RaidenBlack787d ago

The only Ubi title that deserves a faithful remake right now is Splinter Cell 1.
All 2014+ Ubi titles are just underwhelming. Especially ones from 2016+ are just cancer.

LucasRuinedChildhood787d ago (Edited 787d ago )

Seriously, are we so far removed from Ubisoft actually making good games that people now praise Watch_Dogs in retrospect?

"Watch_Dogs has remained one of my favourite games of the last ten years." Jesus Christ.

HankHill787d ago

I remember being so disappointed in Watch Dogs when I played it at release. It was alright, but I think I fell for the hype and I needed a game to play on my new PS4.

obidanshinobi787d ago

This is what happens when mediocrity gets praised as good.
Standards are slipping across the whole entertainment industry.
What was once considering rubbish is now considered as OK, what once was OK is now being praised as good etc etc.

LamerTamer786d ago

Everyone has their own likes. I liked it a lot myself. I played through it twice and liked the car chases and the open world with fairly decent environments and missions. It suffered from the whole downgrade thing where they showed graphics that weren't actually there. No game will appeal to everyone but it was still ambitious for it's time.

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gantarat787d ago

assassin's creed 1 should get a remake.

ExBee787d ago

For certain! AC1 was brilliant at the time but with new graphics and gameplay it would be amazing! Do you prefer old combat or new though?

RaidenBlack787d ago

I'd say a reimagining of AC1.
I direct AC1 remake would be a bad idea. It'll need better story pacing and significant better world building.

BlaqMagiq1786d ago

Old. Let it play like how it did with AC2-Syndicate style gameplay but refine the setting and story.

Profchaos787d ago

It would need a lot changed for it to be enjoyable again as even back in 2007 on launch we were all complaining about it's repetitive gameplay go here perform one of three side quests repeat then assassination now do it over and over until a big battle with a unforgiving checkpoint system.

BlaqMagiq1786d ago

Absolutely. It needs it. The only AC I truly didn't enjoy.

chicken_in_the_corn786d ago

I'd prefer it didn't. Ubisoft would make it so bloated, it wouldn't be anywhere near the original

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smolinsk787d ago (Edited 787d ago )

Absolutely, this watch dogs legion was terrible boring.

Profchaos787d ago (Edited 787d ago )

As a fan of the franchise legion was garbage and I regretted my purchase for the first time in the franchise the entire thing felt like an experiment in NPC behaviour and released without the writers input on what makes a good story.

I don't think I'm alone in that feeling though as wrench and Aiden are brought back and the campaign was rewritten to fit them.

I am tempted to buy the season pass to play it again with Aiden but fool me twice shame on me I'm waiting for a deep sale