GTA V Christmas gifts redemption extended, fans start petition to bring back snow

Rockstar Games decided to give out a free Christmas surprise in Grand Theft Auto V to anyone who signed onto the game’s online multiplayer mode for the holiday. Unfortunately, most GTA V users were unable to receive their free in-game Christmas gifts since both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network were down for the majority of the day. As a result, Rockstar Support announced on Friday that they have temporarily extended the gift redemption process within GTA V to ensure everyone has a chance to pick up their free items even if they were unable to do so on Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, the online outages of Xbox Live and PSN made it so that many fans were unable to play in the limited snow of GTA V. While the developer decided to extend redemption of the title’s Christmas gifts, Rockstar Games did not extend the festive in-game event that blanketed San Andreas in snow. Users have already started a petition to bring back the snow.

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Snookies121445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Man, that really sucks about the snow... I didn't get GTA V until the 24th, then had to wait forever for it to download/install. Didn't get to actually play it until the 25th because of my slow download speed, and I still can't get online with it because the PSN remains offline. I was really wanting to see the snow and all that. :[

MrBeatdown1445d ago

I logged in, voted it up and left a comment. Petitions are usually pretty stupid, but Rockstar should pay attention to this.

WeAreLegion1444d ago

I want the snow in offline, too. They spent time on this awesome new weather and aren't going to add it to single-player? Really?

WeirdShroom1444d ago

They should just have the snow Nov and Dec every year until Jan 1(or 2nd so you can get one last snow day before the booze wears off).

LAWSON721444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Why? In the Northeast, at least, Jan and Feb are far more wintery. Nov is still fall btw and even Thanksgiving at the end of the month is fall themed.

It would just be nice to run it through winter starting Dec 21

TXIDarkAvenger1444d ago

This is why it should of been at least a whole month not a couple of days. Hell, even a week would be better.

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The story is too old to be commented.