After Six Years, Trailer For Cancelled ‘Cry On’ Released

It has been six years since it was announced the Xbox 360 exclusive Cry On, the Mistwalker and Cavia joint project, was cancelled, so what better time to release a trailer for the game than now? Mistwalker founder, Hironobu Sakaguchi, best known for creating the Final Fantasy series, has posted a 480p CG trailer for the game on his personal channel.

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Barnaby-Jones2366d ago

Looks really interesting. Maybe there's a chance it can be revived

Ranma12366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Sakaguchi deserves better and bigger projects and shouldn't be stuck making mobile games for a living.

He should return to Square Enix and stop being stubborn and forget his pride (he left voluntarily because of Wada and Spirits within bombing, he should return)

RDF2366d ago

It was because of a falling with Sony/Playstation. he hates Ken. The former president of SOE. Thats why his games were on the XBOX and Wii,he refused to release on the Playstation. Funny thing is,that the RPG fanbase is on the Playstation. His games were loved by the critics but panned on the systems. Thats why he went mobile. Also I think CRY ON is exclusive to Nintendo or MS. Not really sure.

vishmarx2366d ago

he shouldnt have started that beef with sony.period.
he's tried both nintendo and ms and failed miserably relative to his talent.
i mean for god's sake
you dont make a game with Sakaguchi, Uematsu and Akira Toriyama in the same team and live to see it bomb

DevilOgreFish2366d ago

They should continue this over to the xbox one, the game has substance!!!

tiffac0082366d ago

Oh man! MS needs to put some cash into this and make it happen on the X1.

christian hour2366d ago

Its a shame Lost Odyessey didnt perform well financially. It was the closest thing we've had to a true final fantasy game since FFX (Uematsu music, Sakaguchi story, world map, airships, MULTIPLE DISCS!). It's "disappointing" sales are the reason Mistwalker had to start concentrating on smaller projects since. Unfortunately the MS exclusivity is partly what killed it, had it been multiplatform it may have performed a lot better. Same goes for Blue Dragon.

Heres hoping this gen both consoles get graced with a grand sakaguchi/uematsu JRPG that isn't bastardized by western influences.

Kalowest2366d ago

MS helped get the company off the ground and funded Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Even if MS advertised them more, I think they still wouldn't have done great.

christian hour2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

" Even if MS advertised them more, I think they still wouldn't have done great."

Yeah, majority of Xbox's userbase wasn't exactly fond of JRPGs, like I said, being stuck on that console doomed them.

Playstation was were final fantasy found world wide notoriety (yes I'm aware it was popular on snes but, honestly, nowhere near as popular as it was after FF7 launched) and I think they would have stood a much better chance if they also were able to release on that platform and reach their old fanbase who were waiting for the next big "final fantasy". This was of course before FF went multiplat and got turned into a linear action rpg that divided the FF fanbase, so ps3 owners were dying for a sakaguchi flavoured JRPG in the meantime, maybe even more so after FF13 turned in to a shadow of its former self.

Mistwalkers games would've done well as Multiplats. Shame :(

e-p-ayeaH2365d ago

Blue Dragon is a decent game but nothing outstanding.

joab7772366d ago

We need a lost odyssey 2.

Snookies122366d ago

Awww, this looked really promising... That's a real shame it got cancelled...

Metallox2366d ago

The girl looks like Elena from Pandora's Tower. Would have been cool to see this cancelled title in action.

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The story is too old to be commented.