N4G: Regarding Malware Alerts

Hello everyone.

Please note that N4G is aware of and has handled the recent issue with regards to the external linking of sites via N4G. The issue was found to be linked to a few other sites that had malware notices on their sites and were linked to by N4G.

At this time we are awaiting a review by Google to clear N4G of any issue. Once that is done, you willl be able to once again link to external sites without the malware warning notice.

Thank you,
N4G Admin


Looks like everything is back to working order. Again, thanks for your understanding in this issue. ~cgoodno

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Crazyglues1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Thanks for the update, I was starting to think I caught a virus or something...

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Qrphe1417d ago

>using anything but Linux

I love my privacy

Christopher1417d ago

99% of staying safe online is just using common sense.

ThanatosDMC1417d ago

^Thanks for the update. I was wondering why all the the links to the articles had a malware alert.

Dee_911417d ago

N4G works for N.Korea.They are spying on you through your webcams.Leave this site NAO!

XboxOneX1417d ago

I am so upset right now. I just spent 8 hours reinstalling WINDOWS Xp and downloading all the drivers from AOL Browser because I thought I had got a VIRUS.

Raziology1417d ago

@XboxOneX You still have Windows XP and you're worried about security? Dear mother of God...

RedDevils1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@XboxOneX, I suspect you're still stuck using ie lol unbelievable a M$ fanboy still using xp instead of Windows 8

1417d ago
AuToFiRE1417d ago

Linux is best. Common sense doesn't always work as shown by the malware striking n4g.

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christian hour1417d ago

Thanks for updating us on this guys :) Any time I brought it up in comments asking if i should worry about these warnings or if things were just being buggy, I got no response so, naturally, I was worrying.

justlikeme1417d ago

What a relief. Me too. I was gonna reinstall windows.... Although I still might b/c it's been awhile since I last did a fresh install.

Muzikguy1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I wonder how this will affect surfing on the phone. I hope it's better too! :)

Thanks for the update! Not the dragon one, but still an update nonetheless

vork771417d ago

yeah i thought so too thank to google for not letting me continue

Crazyglues1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

What's with all the disagrees? Are you people not seeing all the malware alerts???

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DLConspiracy1417d ago

It might help if you didn't use your favorite console as a signature. It comes off as trolling when you do. Just saying.

Crazyglues1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@ DLConspiracy

... LoL (So let me get this straight I should stop using my fav. sig because trolls think I'm trolling) ...LoL

Haters gonna hate I guess, what you gonna do..

I guess I should trade in my Acura TL and get a FORD because my neighbor also told me he hates when people get cars that are not made in the USA ...LoL

MajorLazer1417d ago

It just comes off as really sad and pathetic

Crazyglues1417d ago

@ Koyes

Oh I'm sorry, my common sense response was too harsh...

ok let me give you my politically correct response, --"Now that I know that this sig is not the system sig people want to see - even though I was just saying I'm a PS4 gamer - I will none the less stop using it for all of 2014.. I see how it can seem sad and pathetic to people who don't have the system. (didn't mean to hurt your feelings)

So In hopes of getting your vote for most politically correct user to ever use the site, if there is anything else I can help you with to make you feel more comfortable about how you view me or my comments, please let me know what I can do to help..

Should I change my avatar?, maybe something that you feel is more plan and less pathetic... you have any Ideas what I could use. Maybe a Rock-star logo like yours, but I don't want to seem like a complete tool.. so any ideas.?

Sarick1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

It didn't happen on my chrome book in (guest mode) or ps3 browser.

It was computers with Firefox and chrome that where blocked. It's Googles safe browsing database that is embedded into these browsers.

It seems anything with d) got blocked by googles search bot.

Duoma1417d ago

Because some people lack something called reading comprehension and they speed read and leave out words, taking what you type out of context and then jump to a douchebag conclusion.

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1417d ago
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Eonjay1418d ago

Good to know. THanks.

RjK311jR1418d ago

Thanks but this is the sort of thing that we shouldnt have to wait to take effect... its obvious google did homework and found malware on your site... that sucks for those of us who commonly come here first... no more for me

Christopher1418d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

No. The only notices are on clickout links, which are just redirect URLs. Those were flagged by Google because they linked to the sites in question and are tied to them in that manner.

If we had malware on the site, it would be on the home page and not just on redirect URLs.

Edit: Furthermore, the malware notices specifically cite which sites are the cause of this if you have the proper security tools installed.

Edit 2: Disagrees? Might want to read this:

optimus1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

so if you were to access the site through bing or another engine it would appear ok?... as long as we're on the subject of this site and malware; What's the deal with placing the ads labeled "you might also like" right underneath ALL the articles? (with scantly clad women usually) when they used to just be located at the very bottom of the home page....those links can also be labeled as malware if they are attached to the n4g url...just a guess.

Christopher1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


***so if you were to access the site through bing or another engine it would appear ok?***

If your browser uses a source other than Google for content validation and verification, yeah, you wouldn't be seeing this at all. Most Chrome and Firefox users automatically use Google.

***What's the deal with placing the ads labeled "you might also like" right underneath ALL the articles?***

The site makes money off of ads. These, unfortunately, are one of the main sources of ad revenue and get the most hits. I also do not like them, but it's not my site nor my decision as to what to use or not.

As for moving them up from the bottom, that's something the ad companies require on many sites now or you make next to nothing for having them at the bottom. With the growth of ad blocking software, companies require more and more prevalence in order to pay a site for ad views and links now.

@OculusRift below: I honestly don't know. I am not involved in the development of the site. I only administer it.

OculusRift1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

So, when's The next N4G update?

>inb4 no reply or vague answer


Dang, thanks anyway.

-Foxtrot1417d ago


Which update? mean the one which has been in the making forever.


Christopher1417d ago

They are, -Foxtrot, they are!

ξ( ̄^ ̄)§

christian hour1417d ago


SilentNegotiator1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I hope the update never comes if they're seriously considering giving bubbles the axe (Last I knew, that was the plan, I think). 1-3 bubble fanboys are always claiming that the bubble system is biased, but you see high level/bubble users from every walk of fandom. It's about making level-headed, responsible, helpful, and entertaining comments.

justlikeme1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Edit 2: Disagrees? Might want to read this:

This is why I think people should be able to see who agrees and disagrees with each post. Then people can't hide behind the disagree button. And imo will help create a better community by weeding out the trolls. Just a suggestion. But maybe this site likes trolls, to help keep traffic flowing..

ZoyosJD1417d ago

Thanks for the quick fix and update, cgoodno.

BTW, how will N4G be addressing the sites that were causing the issue in th first place?

SilentNegotiator1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


Completely terrible idea. That will only lead to a massive uptick in PM harassment and other unhelpful community interactions.

justlikeme1417d ago


And if that happens there should be an option to report that person for verbal harassment/abuse. And have amdins take necessary actions to those who abuse others. It's a change worth looking into. If it fails, you can always change it back to this system. What do they have to lose, but the trolls? But like I said, I'm pretty sure this site doesn't care for the trolls.

Bytor1417d ago

Not just that I had Avast block malware script when hitting a link from here to Ign article Digital foundry and it wasn't a redirect so who ever posted the link infected it or they get hacked once in a while but it must have been bad if google is blocking all the links.

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Starbucks_Fan1417d ago

It's Christmas. Let the mods have a little family time.

CaptainCamper1417d ago

I'm always fast to criticize N4G for a lot of things but this is one area that I cannot complain about.

It is not possible for them to monitor the quality, credibility and safety of every site featured on N4G and a single problem with just 1 domain can spread and cause problems throughout.

Considering the thousands of articles, hundreds of sites and seemingly small-ish team, they do a fantastic job in this area.

The malware had nothing to do with them.

1417d ago
Christopher1415d ago

@Cobra951: Sorry, but as I explained above, the clickout links are just redirects and were flagged because they linked to some infected sites.

Christopher1418d ago

This has nothing to do with LizardSquad.

Ripsta7th1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Wow finally i see who the admin of this site is
Ok listen carefully, fix the muthadamnn bubble system
Why are we getting penalized for not glorifying Sony?!?! This is BS we should be able to voice our opinons without fear of being shut off
And you cant deny this site isnt ran by Sony boys
Make it fair , when someone isnt trolling just prefers a different system or has a different view they end up with 1 bubble like me , even though i own playstation consoles not xbox. Seriously do something about it , im prettt sure alot of people think the same way
Edit: btw i defend xbox sometimes because they way Sony fans treat them here is just sad

1417d ago
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Buzz7S1418d ago ShowReplies(1)