Diversity will be a priority with future Evolve hunters

Though only 3 of the 12 hunters in Evolve are female, you can expect that balance to change when hunters are added to the game in the future.

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SaveFerris2019d ago

Don't forget the disabled and/or transgender hunters! I'm sure there are other groups but I can't remember them /s

CaptainObvious8782019d ago

And I'll be expecting a Nigerian midget and a bearded Eskimo she-elf or no sale for me. /s

In all seriousness, I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the developers deciding to include more female characters if they feel that's the right direction to head their game in, but I suspect they're doing this because they're listening to the SJWs.

It's very disappointing a developer would listen to these sexist bigots that aren't even going to buy the game instead of the actual fans of the franchise.

In no other industry would this happen.

SaveFerris2019d ago

Well said. Thanks CaptainObvious878

GokuSolosAll2019d ago

Oh thank goodness, I was hoping for diversity because that is why I game. Not gameplay, heavens no, I play for mentally retarded half black/hispanic lesbian transgendered cripples.

Anthotis2019d ago


Having 2 more female characters who play the same as the rest is gonna make this game's sales skyrocket.

Such a shame the "people" who bleet about diversity won't even be playing this game.