When PSN Goes Down Sony Should Give Us A Day Of PS Plus

A major problem with PSN going down is that recent Triple-A games require updates and patches in order to actually work. Sony-owned titles such as LittleBigPlanet 3 and DRIVECLUB are an absolute mess without the day one patches installed, and even then they still struggle to work properly.

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the_dark_one1445d ago

Didnt sony annouce that they will compensate gamers with like to games to chose from ps3,4 and vita? And like a month of free psplus or music unlimited?

nX1445d ago

Yeah you wish. They lose much more from this outage than we do, you should be happy if you'll get anything as a compensation.

PeaSFor1445d ago

dat 0.13cents credit.....

the_dark_one1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Actually i read somewhere they will

lodossrage1445d ago


That was years ago during the ACTUAL hack. And they did give that stuff you mentioned.

THIS, isn't a hack. This is just a group of people overloading servers with false traffic.

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medman1444d ago

How's that all digital, always online future working out so far? All digital, always online my a$$.

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ShadowKing-1445d ago

yeah and mcdonalds should give me my money for making me fat too.

not sony's fault services went down, they dont owe us a damn thing.

TimeSkipLuffy1445d ago

no but I want the exact same burger (or very close) as shown in their pictures :D That would be a start!

christian hour1445d ago

Have you ever looked up how those photos are done? It's insane, there's actually one guy in the industry who's known for being the best at making food look good in photos. Methods include hand gluing on each seed on the bun in to a desirable pattern. They also paint on the "grill" marks and ad gloss etc, not to mention the food is under extreme lights for lengthy periods so they keep getting replaced every few minutes until the perfect shot is done. A single photo shoot can go through hundreds of burgers.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1444d ago

comparing server to food now huh


one2thr1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

That made me lol

cluckey071444d ago

Isn't it their fault though? They knew about it ahead of time. They could have been prepared and gotten proper protection. When it went out in 2011 it wasn't their fault either but they gave us two or three free games. I'm not saying do the same because they give us tons of free games already. But what about giving us some new free themes or something? Or hey just be transparent with whats happening.
PSN is down now also and it's not due to hackers. It's just servers being overwhelmed with people trying to play. They should know better.

THC CELL1445d ago

No we get enough, lame article

HaydenJameSmith1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

I suppose if a Van went through the window of a restaurant I was dining in, they should be obligated to refund me. Right ?

Silly article... the real villains are the group of self proclaimed hackers who think they're being so clever ruining Xbox Live and PSN for everyone. If anything something should be done to stop them...

GamersPost1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Sony should not blame any hackers. I think they aren't interested in spending more on security or they don't have the required infrastructure to make the servers running smoothly. Either way they do have the required funds to do both, to hire more people and to maintain more servers. Today everybody who really wants not to be affected by DDoS attacks can take the required precautions and build a system against it.

HaydenJameSmith1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

It's not that cut and dry, there would have been hundreds of thousands of people getting there new consoles on Christmas Day and tons of new IP's coming online (that's why the Lizard Squad DDoS attacked PSN and Xbox Live on Christmas cause it'd be harder to stop them) and PSN's server quality is a completely different subject, I just don't think people are entitled to be reimbursed for issues that are caused by others.

I agree that they should have a quality service if they choose to charge people for these services, but a group of proclaimed self righteous anarchists are not their responsibility. It's not that easy to stop DDoS attacks or MS and Sony would have done it already... cause there is potential losses which neither company want to endure.

Kayant1445d ago

No if you actual research you would see it's not worth the cost and it's not a dry cut solution because there isn't one for this only minimising. Not to say they don't need to upgrade their infrastructure but just to prevent DDOS attacks is not justifiable.

Sharky2311444d ago

Security has nothing to do with these crashes! They flood the servers with fake traffic and it crashes! You could have all kinds of security and it would still happen! Same thing for Xbox live. Until they find a way to stop the guys behind this we have to just sit through it!

Eonjay1445d ago

This is bull. How about when networks are sabotaged by dbags, we demand them to pay us back for the inconvenience. How about we tell them to get a life and leave us alone. What, you expect Sony and Microsoft to pay but let the cause to go unpunished. You are falling for their trap.

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