Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2015

One Angry Gamer "A top 10 list from Games HQ Media has been unveiled that rolls out the most anticipated games for 2015. You’re likely going to see a lot of familiar faces and consistent themes throughout the video and it highlights a lot of the titles that gamers have been talking about since their debut."

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DougLord1390d ago

Anyone that has the Order or No Man's Sky as most anticipated game of 2015 is going to be massively disappointed.

DarkOcelet1390d ago

The Order is my most anticipated game on the first quarter alongside Bloodborne, Dying Light and The Witcher 3 and Evolve but the Order comes first :)

jb2271390d ago

Anyone more worried about criticizing other peoples interests must already be disappointed with whatever they have to look forward to. So many people regurgitate the same criticisms these days w/ absolutely no true reason to back it upcoming game is Shrodinger's Cat, it's neither alive or dead, good or bad until you open the box. The Order looks great to me, as a singleplayer story driven type of gamer, that game is right up my alley & I won't be ashamed to admit that.

JacketsNest1011390d ago

If you enjoy RPGs, then why is Xenoblade Chronicles X not on here?

traumadisaster1390d ago

Experiencing a milestone related to anticipated games...finally reached my internal limit for backlog, and after many dissapointments in 2014, I have a moritorium on new purchases.

I've bought new for 25 years, you can support the industry now.

WilliamUsher1389d ago

Kind of in the same boat as you. My anticipation isn't quite as high for 2015 because of the backlog. I also have a ton of games I've never even played in my possession, which is embarrassing.

AHall881389d ago

For me it's something like this.

1. The Witcher 3
2. Metal Gear Solid V
3. Final Fantasy XV(I'm hopeful it's a 2015 game)
4. Persona 5
5. Quantum Break
6. Rainbow Six Siege(Been way to long since a R6 game)
7. The Division
8. Tekken 7
9. Resident Evil Revelations 2

Only 9 games I can think of for next year, possibly only 8.
I must be getting old or something, just not much looks worth getting to me anymore.

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