Velocity 2X Developer Calls Driveclub on PS4 GOTY 2014: "Mind Boggling Attention to Detail" and More

Evolution Studios’ Driveclub has triggered the (often unwarranted) wrath of quite a few reviewers, but what do developers think of the latest racing game on PS4?

At least Futurlab’s James Marsden, the man behind the studio’s social media accounts and the creative mind behind games like Velocity, Surge and Velocity 2X, really enjoys Evolution’s labor of love.

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DarkAstronaut2024d ago

Aside from online being broken at launch, it was super underrated and people are starting to realise this.

No_Limit2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Of course having it being free on the PS4 as an official bundle in the UK since black Friday has nothing to do with it.

"Arguably the biggest beneficiary of Black Friday was Sony’s troubled racing title Driveclub. Thanks to its prominent inclusion in multiple PS4 bundles, the game saw sales grow by more than 999 per cent, sending it speeding back up the chart from number 33 to eighth place."

I also see the XB1 version of ACIV: Black Flag also is at #23 when that game that was released in 2013 has no business being on the chart..unless it is of course in a bundle and giving it out for free like the AC XB1 bundle.

I don't know why you keep posting that same link to DC being #7 when it is obviously why it is that high in the chart just like my Black Flag example. You should be digging for DC sales from NPD on Neogaf if you really want us to be impress with the sales figure.

DarkAstronaut2024d ago

BF was in November, this chart is from December.

No_Limit2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Black Friday or not, the PS4 DC bundle is still available for sale just like the AC XB1 bundle so that explains why the one year old Black Flag on XB1 is @#23 as well as position #7 for DC on the SAME Dec 20th chart. I am just using the Black Friday 999% increase as an example of how Bundle with packed-in games triggered sales, of course it will not continue the 999% increase of Black Friday in December but it is still there and sold with the system. Just logical, if customer is going to buy a system, they would be stupid to buy a console without a game included at the same price as one with the extra game..unless they stop buying PS4 all of a sudden, which is not the case as the system is quite popular in the UK still.

You can get it here at Argos also at a reduced price as well

GameDev12024d ago

This is not the first time you are pointing this out with that same evidence but it doesnt really back up your point

DC bundle wasnt the only one avaliable for PS4, even a more popular one with GTA V which came out after DC bund;e, and other better deals with 3 AAA games in a bundle

My point is DC bundles might help sell the game but it is not the sole reason why it rose up the charts rather it might have just been a helping hand to its rise in sales, you dont even have evidence of comparison between its sales as an indivdual software and as a bundle.

But even if you want to play the bundle card, people must have really noticed the improvements in the game and wanted to play it that out of all the other bundles, it is the Drive club bundle they decided to buy, cause with its online launch problem, it could have also gone badly for the bundle.

You seem to be trying hard to downplay DC's rise in the chart because it was in a bundle, FACT is that it was not the only bundle avaliable to get a PS4 hardware with which shows strong appreciation for the game

No_Limit2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )


But we are talking about an official bundle from Sony that is sold everywhere across the UK just like the Assassin's Creed Bundle with Black Flag and everyone seems to avoid the "why Balck Flag is so high @#23" question but will defend what my point is about the whole Official bundle thing as like you said, there are other XB1 and PS4 bundles as well and that is why GTAV on PS4 was #1 for the week and AC Unity on XB1 is the best selling version of the game @#5.

Look here, I will be the first to say that Bundle in no way bad and if more people get a free game out of it, then it is all good as I got Titanfall and Mario Kart 8 through bundle as well with my system, but this cat...DarkAstronaut, keep bringing up the point and pretend that DC sold better than the other games on other systems due to his fanboy like attitude really got into my nerve.

I mean what motive does someone have to have to bring up sales of game and downplaying other exclusives on every other consoles on a similar "DC graphics" article like this one here. He simply could have just stay on topic and not talk about it and drag the console war with it. I am simply correcting him once again, that is all.
Driveclub PS4 Screenshots Selected by Evolution Show The Best Graphics of This Generation (So Far)

DarkAstronaut + 4d ago
Driveclub is a game. That many people seem to enjoy, which is why it's selling well. It's know it sounds crazy, but people like it and actually buy it. (that link again,smh)



That is as off-topic stealth-trolling I've seen in a long time.

DarkAstronaut2024d ago


It's a chart, get over it.

FanboyKilla2024d ago

funny they give the game away free with purchase of a new ps4. but for those of us they said would get a free ps plus version, whom has already bought the ps4 and ps pus, nothing. thats slim shady. dont want to hear they are waiting to fix servers, because if you ask anyone that has dc on n4 g, its fixed.

on topic: its official. if the people who made velocity 2x say so, then it is.

andibandit2023d ago

every 2 weeks we get one of these "Bu..bu..bu..but DriveClub" articles.

My god just let it die already!.

BIGBOSS082023d ago Show
OldDude2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )


A little excessive in your response don't you think?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

If Driveclub was given away as a "free" game in addition to a PS4 bundle, such as GTA or Destiny, then your argument would make sense. As we all no, the PS4 didn't have a "free game" promotion until the second week of December. The only thing that probably did cause sales of the game to rise was a drop in price, from $59 to $35 which took effect shortly after Thanksgiving on Amazon and several retailers.

Maddens Raiders2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Now hear this: I don't own Drive Club but have some more Christmas gifts to unwrap and believe it is probably one of the one's in the wrappings.

I have stated for years now that Evolution created:

The Best Off-Road Racing game(s) of All-Time in Motorstorm(s) Nothing else even came close.

I am not surprised at all at the level of detail that is in the game and the post release kudos it is currently getting. Battlefield 4's release on the PS4, etc as well as GT6's release on the PS3 were also met with similar "at release" woes and disappointments but have grown to be stellar marques as far as game titles go.

Should we as gamers have to wait for a game to "grow" into post launch greatness - hell no, but the fact that these devs stick by their products and continually help them evolve by listening to the community until the end is re-assuring and definitely separates them from the lot of bad games that are released, only to never recieve proper patches and fixes again. Basically you as a gamer just wasted your money in those horrible instances.

Not every game can be a Halo, Super Mario Galaxy, or The Last of Us right out of the box, but it's good to know that some of these guys actually care and continue to try and please their fanbase by improving the product. That's what I believe Evolution are. That's why I asked for this game for Christmas.

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Forn2024d ago

Imagine an open world RPG game with as much attention to detail as Driveclub... Wowza.

jc122024d ago

wouldn't happen, the console wouldn't have enough muscle to pull off DC level graphics in an open world.

_-EDMIX-_2024d ago

pants got tight.

@JC12- you don't actually know that sooooo lol. Buddy...its only 1 year in, I would hold off from stating what consoles can or can't do as we don't even have that many full next gen only titles yet.

christian hour2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

@jC12 why the disagrees? You're right, an open world game with tonnes to do would have to scale back on the graphics department, sports games tend to be confined so you can up the graphics considerably. This is in no way an insult to Driveclub, just you're not going to get a fallout or an eldar scrolls that has that level of detail across the board. AS nice as these new consoles are, we're just not quite there yet, maybe by the end of this gen we might be close but it will take another generation before we see that detail in a huge open world game.

And by across the board I mean, NPC's and small animals that have the same amount of detail as the player character etc. There's only so much processing power to go around. And in a skyrim type game, with so many NPC's and sprawling cities and environments with enemies and animals and an unpredictable environment with weapons and magic flying all over the place and of course AI that needs to know how to be tactful with a vast range of abilities in its arsenal, the graphics will definitely take a hit to keep all that stuff running pretty smoothly.

Show me one open world game last gen that had the graphical fidelity of a Fight Night or a Gran Turismo. Show me any gen where an open world game can match a graphically impressive sports title from the same gen and I'll buy you a steak dinner.

Racing/sports titles will always have incredible graphics for their gen because they know from the very start the user can't just up and walk off in a direction they weren't expecting them to, so they can manage the resources at hand a lot more efficiently. This is why Linear games tend to be of a much higher detail to, it's game design 101, just watch any naughty dog documentary and they'll bring this exact thing up.

showtimefolks2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

DC got more bad publicity at launch issues than another known exclusive Halo MCC. No doubt DC had online issues but majority of them have been resolved, I hate the fact people keep bring it up. It's over done please move on. Now DV is an amazing game

Also to those who were supporting MS and their policies like always online and no used games, did you see when xblive and psn went down no more online play, imagine now if services are down you can't even play offline games

That's why gaming will never AND I MEAN NEVER will go completely digital, and it should never. Simple as that.

Also to Xbox fanboys yeh we get it you like FH2 get over it, DC is a PlayStation exclusive and this is an article about DC not FH2. If it's so great what the hell are you guys doing here instead of playing it. Look at Forza series sales yeh sales matter because when it comes to FPS every Xbox fanboys brings up halo sales

If that's the case than GT smokes Forza every time, one GT game has outsold the whole Forza series. And now DC is selling well, yeh keep bringing up the bundle deal. How about realizing almost every MS game was included in some sort of bundle so why didn't sunset overdrive, halo mcc, FH2 jump up into top 10 sales wise?

Sad thing is you guys got a great exclusive in sunset overdrive and you guys didn't suppory it proving once again Xbox fans only buy FPS games along with broken AC games. I hope incomniac release sunset over drive to ps4 sometimes soon with all the DLC. Since insomniac own the IP they can surly do that

Playstation is the one brand where you get diversity and the fans of playstation will buy and support different games, that's why you never see one game climb to charts

Evolution studios have done an amazing job and deserve all the credit they get.

LamerTamer2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Gaming will go all digital because people get suckered into it for the "convenience". They don't need to go to a store or change a disk. Publishers love download only as it kills used game market and they control all content. If they take it down from their servers eventually your access is now gone (your HDD better never fail or you better never delete it).

Isn't DC a digital download only title basically too? If you want to get the full working version with all of the tracks, cars and weather the only way to get it is a DRM filled download-only patch. When they eventually take those patches offline the game you have on disc will be incomplete.

As far as Sunset overdrive maybe the game just isn't that good. I played it and it seems they want you to play it their way constantly even though it is "open world" (Grind! you must grind, don't stay on the ground, grind!). Yeah I get it, they think grinding is "gnarly dude" but it isn't doing it for me.

_-EDMIX-_2024d ago

Completely agree. Many don't really seem to understand that digital is something only a small few can pull of exclusively, most don't buy games that way and I doubt most will want ot be forced to play games that way evident by people's reactions to XONE's polices.

Gaming will never go digital because of the simple fact that games get bigger then bandwidth can catch up with, ie how many do you think will be happy to just download 100GB of a game? Mind you....near the ending of this gen, don't be surprised to see games at near 200GB or 300GB.

Not even talking about NEXT GEN mind you. Because of that, gaming will always have digital as an option only, it will never be ONLY digital based on gaming advance faster then the speed availability of bandwidth.

lol, though I don't agree with everything your saying completely, but I do agree that digital will never be a sole distribution for gaming ,Sony as of right now is working on another physical format that will likely be in the PS5 ,at this rate....its never going to happen, games get bigger just way too faster.

How many here are just ok with downloading 200GB? LOL!

And GT sells better then most racing games if not most games that exist, its a series that averages about 10 million units an entry, something not many racers actually do. Both are great series, but Forza (along with many other games) don't really come near the level of a GT.

modelgod2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I'm am an xbox fan to the core and I absolutely 100% agree with your statement. It's Games like sunset over drive; real " games" that really define a console and that's why Sony will always outsell MS. I purchased Sunset at launch and it's a great game but unfortunately sales would indicate an extremely under rated game,and would be sorely missed by the COD and HALO fans...I mean the MS fanboys!! The lackluster sales broke my heart as I thought my fellow xbots were moving in a different direction in terms of gaming diversity. I currently own a 360, xbox one, super Nintendo, and the 2 best consoles ever made; a NES and the original backwards compatible PS3. unlike my MS brethren,I love all genres of games and don't devote most of my time reloading and sniping. That's exactly why I play mostly indie games. I'm picking up my ps4 when Street fighter drops ( better have a sick custom limited edition street fighter console), and I'll pick up the wi u when Zelda comes out. BTW,where the hell is kingdom hearts 3 and beyond good and evil 2? but Well stated #showtimefolks. Well stated brother! !

Gamer19822023d ago

The bad launch really hurt this game and bad press will hurt you in the long run just ask Microsoft who are now reeling at that Xbox One announcement event..

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CervantesPR12024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

im going to pick it up eventually

DriveClub outsold Forza Horizon 2 Two to One btw

Forza horizon 2


Gazondaily2024d ago

And? Why do you care about the sales? Does it make it a better game? Knack outsold Mario on the Wii U. By that logic Knack is the better platformer...

SoapShoes2024d ago

So glad I borrowed Knack from a friend, it's actually a decent/fun platformer. I wouldn't have known that if I listened to reviews. It's nothing special but as a fan of platformers I enjoyed it. But yeah sells mean nothing other than assurance of a new game in the future. It isn't surprising really as Forza was never popular other than Forza 3.

GameDev12024d ago

"By that logic Knack is the better platformer"

Hell yea,lol

I wouldnt even put Knack in the same category as Mario, it is not a proper platformer, more an adventure fighting style game

But seriously though I want to try Knack.

OB1Biker2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Why do you care that he cares about sales though? he did say btw so that was just an aside note and not even a reply to somebody or saying its better. Its not like so many people who just state that a game is wayyy better that the other because... opinion

gamer11382024d ago

Happens when you throw your game in with every console bundle.

GameDev12024d ago

No not really

People seem to think DC was the only bundelled PS4 game this year

even Knack didnt do so well as a bundle apart from in Japan

SoapShoes2024d ago

Every? Lol, I could agree with you somewhat if it had been the only official bundle but in Europe people had many options so if they bought a DriveClub bundle it's because they WANTED to play the game.

ghostface92024d ago

ya because it was given away for free with the ps4 during black friday

BiggerBoss2024d ago

Pretty much every single Xbox one game was free in one of its BF bundles, why are you trying so hard to downplay Driveclub?

I wouldnt call it goty, but its def a good game and im glad its selling well

DigitalRaptor2024d ago


If someone buys a DriveClub bundle it obviously means they wanted to play the game enough to spend $300+ to play it. And so they did, They bought it, and they will play it.

Gazondaily2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )


His side note is longer than his main point?

It's just a bitter comment from a uni bubble user that's getting agrees. Thats what's laughable. The relevance to this topic is also laughable.

Get it now?

Stiffler2023d ago

Always resorting to sales, what's the deal with you people?

Driveclub is good and Forza Horizon is good. They both excel in their own ways.

Sales does NOT make any game necessarily better. Going by that logic then COD is the best shooter? Knack is better than Mario? No, just no.

Sales can be important but that does not determine whether a game is good or not, Destiny being the prime example of that.

Stop resorting to sales, you look sad.

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DragoonsScaleLegends2024d ago

Velocity 2X was the hardest platinum I have ever got.

HeMan762024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

"Mind Boggling Attention to Detail" but still the reflections on galsses stable and look incredibly ugly:

There are water pools on the road where positioned as slope:(


It was nice try!

Master-H2024d ago

Maybe it was the reflection of your trollish face on the glass..LUL

CryofSilence2024d ago

We get it. You violently hate this game (and probably every other Sony franchise). Lay off.

Revengeance2024d ago

Wow your trolling is so bad you're even misspelling out of desperation.

Tsk. Tsk. You disappoint me.