Dying Light Preview (GameWatcher)

From "Once upon a time there was a game called Dead Island. It was made by Techland, those guys behind the excellent Call of Juarez games, and it was an ambitious free-roaming co-operative zombie RPG. Some might say too ambitious, since it was riddled with bugs, not much fun in single-player and a little repetitious in design. After making a swift follow-up in Riptide the licence passed to Deep Silver, who assigned Dead Island 2 to Yager and will be out sometime next year, whereas Techland began crafting their own similar-but-different follow-up which is due in January 2015. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a spiritual successor and a sequel to a franchise turn up in the same year."

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ZeekQuattro1391d ago

I remember how buggy Dead Island was. Nothing better than getting to one area only to discover that the next time you turn the game on your in a completely new unfamiliar area and can't progress further. I will definitely be waiting this time around.

Ashunderfire861391d ago

Actually Techland explain the reason why Dead Island and Riptide was buggy, which was publishers always rushing game releases with no time to fix bugs. For Dying Light they have more freedom, plus they delay it so they can polish the game more. I saw a journalist play this game on twitch, and it looks very impressive. It is clearly better than Dead Island, heck better than Dead Island 2 going for a more cartoony and comedy look.