November 2014 Worldwide Hardware Sales - PS4 2.6M, Xbox One 2.3M, 3DS 1.5M

VGChartz Writes: "November is the second biggest month of the year for hardware sales. December has always been the biggest month. With November 2014 worldwide hardware sales in lets take a quick look at how well each platform sold.

The PlayStation 4 was the top selling console of the month selling 2,570,514 units. Xbox One sales have lagged far behind the PlayStation 4 all year and Microsoft has done what it could to close the gap. Microsoft was able to sell 2,266,106 Xbox One consoles for the month, not quite enough to catch the PlayStation 4.

The other eighth generation home console, the Wii U, sold 521,187 units for the month of October. That is less than a quarter of its rivals, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Taking a look at the eighth generation handhelds, the 3DS outsold the PlayStation Vita by more than seven times. Nintendo managed to sell 1,472,870 3DS' for the month, while Sony sold 197,844 PlayStation Vita's.

Finally, there is the sales for the last generat...

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cellode1444d ago

Those are some amazing sales for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The 3DS sold great as well. Really sad to see the Wii U sell so poorly. Also surprised to see how well the Xbox 360 and PS3 sold.

trunkswd1444d ago

I agree. Microsoft and Sony had a great November. Microsoft did everything it could to win the month, at least in the US.

Cindy-rella1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Based on a few articles i saw on the internet for a few weeks about November sales for the xbox one and ps4 i really thought xbox one actually sold the most for that month. Xbox one had more sales in the USA and Uk and i saw articles stating that xbox one overall sales will catch the ps4s next year and all sorts of silliness.

I still cant believe that the xbox one wasnt able to outsell the ps4 with halo mcc, forza, and sunset overdrive while being significantly cheaper than the ps4. I saw deals where the significantly cheaper xbox one had a few free games bundled with the console and it still wasnt able to outsell the ps4 for the month of November.

The ps4 will have a few exclusive titles to be released in the first half of 2015 while the xbox one wont have any. The xbox one will have multiplatform titles that will also be on the ps4. I feel like the ps4 will continue to widen the sales gap given that itll have more games and exclusive titles to release in the first 8 months or so in 2015. I dont think microsoft will raise the price of the xbox one to match that of the ps4 because the xbox one is being outsold while being significantly cheaper.

ArchangelMike1444d ago

So wait.. I though the November articles said that Xbox won November?

vishmarx1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

im honestly even doubting xbox sold 2.3m

sure it sold 1.2m in us but how and where in the hell did it sell 1.2m more without ringing any major bells?

Svinya1444d ago

Archangel - It did in the US and UK

No_Limit1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )


why is it so hard to believe the XB1 sold another 1.2 million more when you factor in it also was #1 in the UK, was released in 28 new countries just recently in September including the only console that is sold in China and is the Holiday shopping season?

Also the PS4 sold about 800k in the US so it sold 1.8 millions more in the rest of he World and still relatively have about 600-700k advantage outside of the US in November. Why is it so hard to believe?

Kayant1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

"was released in 28 new countries just recently in September" - With virtually no advertising or updates on sales estimate so far. Really those countries don't matter or add that much because even MS with their promises about delays being for localization of content don't deliver that to a lot of those countries. And going by updates from Spain and other EU countries doesn't seem like it's selling well or at least to the extend guesstimated by VGchartz.

PeaSFor1444d ago

so to resume, MS gave everything they could with ridiculously cheap bundles and free games... EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink... and STILL failed to sell more Xbox One than the PS4?!???

wow... hey MS, consider yourself lucky that Sony isnt dropping the PS4 price, give free games and ridiculously cheap bundle like you did... or it would be a carnage.

MannGamer1444d ago

You think MS kitchen sink??
In november only they almost sold 25% of their total sale. That is how bad sales were going. Sure it cost them some very good deals and probably a lot of money, but if they haven't done so, they could have said good bye to this gen.
I am not a fan of MS, I don't really like their vision for gaming (I Still don't trust them), but they manage to survive and hang on there. And by doing so a lot of people were able to get some amazing deals when purchasing brand new PS4 (The last of US and GTAV bundle, Destiny Bunble, 2 Free games Bundle, 1 camera and free game Bundle, for the price of a PS4).
This is where I welcome competition. Cause let us not forget too without the PS4, Xbox One would not be the console it is today, trying hard to get people to purchase it.

Pogmathoin1444d ago

Vish.... So I assume VGchartz undertracked PS4, and inflated X1 by about 400%

Army_of_Darkness1444d ago

Xbone is victorious! At this rate ms will catch up in noooooo time!... Oh wait, Nevermind... I could have sworn earlier black Friday xbone victory articles said so.......??

Soc51444d ago

What I wonder is how Microsoft would have done if they hadn't screwed up the launch of the xbox one. I was one of the people who was ready to buy the one and got a ps4 instead. If the launch had gone smoothly and they didn't mess up all the goodwill they had built up they would be killing it right now.

SilentNegotiator1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )


Microsoft's media buddies sure worked hard to make us and their investors think so with all of their "Xbox Won November" headlines.

And the gap widens another 300K, despite Microsoft practically giving it away.

Foehammer1444d ago


I'm especially impressed with the fact that there is only a 300k difference when one sells in just 40% of the others Countries.

So a difference of a little more than 10% despite a 60% difference in the number of Countries.

Good sales in the 41 Countries outside the US as well

Wel done

RDF1443d ago

Well one insider said the PS4 lost Nov by 7 to 10k units. After that, another "Insider" claimed it was by a large margin,500k+. Yet Micro never did comment on it. They even had to bundle the UK with their figures when we were talking about the NPD. So going by their silence on the matter the XB1 probably bearly won Nov. Which is telling by what they had to do.

kenshiro1001443d ago

@cindy-rella: I can't believe it either. Microsoft really screwed up big time because if a pricecut and their popular franchises isn't making Sony uneasy, then nothing will.

badz1491443d ago


I think you should apply for Greenburg's position at MS. With that magnitude of spin, he'll seriously feels threaten.

xbox fanboys logic;

PS4 released in like 100 insignificant countries, "the PS4 sold more because it is released in more countries, duhh..."

the xbone already released in China, (1/7 of world population) and still losing, "China is not a big market duh..."

there's no winning the arguments with you guys, ha?

ChronoJoe1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )


Indeed it will continue to widen the gap, same thing happened last year too, where the XBOX ONE actually outsold the PS4, but holiday sales mean little in the long run.

I wonder if it's in part because parents often buy the systems for Christmas, rather than the gamers themselves, buying them for themselves. It makes sense that way that they would automatically buy an XBOX ONE if little Johny or whoever previously played on an XBOX 360.

Either way, seems like decent numbers all round.

jrshankill1443d ago


Bit silly to think that Xbox One will have no exclusives in the first half of 2015.

freshslicepizza1443d ago

both sony and microsoft had great deals, nintendo not so much. the xbox one had the best deals but the momentum of the ps4 carried on. plus sony has always had better market penetration around the world than the xbox.

whats interesting is what is likely sony loyalists being the ones who seem the most bitter that the xbox had a resurgence in sales even though the ps4 still sells amazingly well. that is something nobody can really rationally explain.

Utalkin2me1443d ago


Wow, my head is dizzy from all the spin i just read.

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sparta761444d ago

I agree good month for all. I'm surprise Xone didn't outsell ps4 with lower price and all those free games

stuna11444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

The real question is what's going to happen once all the holiday deals are done! Will the Xbox1 just revert back to it's pre-holiday sales figures!? Because I'm sure there is ultimately a limit to just how games Microsoft's board members are willing to give out before they start expecting some type of return on it is a business afterall.

breakpad1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

GTA V helped alot PS4 in these no-AAA-exclusive times as with its superior port all GTA fans chose PS4 and its online part became huge success

kingbain901443d ago

Why are people acting like ps4 didn't have similar to exact deals?

Ps4 at $330
Ps4 with 2 games and gift card at $400
Based off these numbers Ms was right, they outsold ps4 in a few countries (more than just US and UK) however ps4 bing in more countries and dominating in Europe and Japan just puts it over xbox one for november.

Utalkin2me1443d ago


I'm not surprised at all. I think it is more about people understanding and getting wise to MS. Then what MS has to offer.

Some people have morals and when a company does them wrong and tries to. Alot people tend shy away from anything that company has to offer. Then there is some people you can sell the same broken product to 3-8 times and they would defend it with their life.

Utalkin2me1443d ago


Sorry maybe i am mis reading your post. But what i got from it was....BOOHOO!

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LAWSON721444d ago

I am happy did not do well, maybe Nintendo will actually put the thing on sale. I am tired of their limited number of retailers and weak deals. Sony and MS got those numbers by actually encouraging sales with great bundles, something Nintendo did not do. When both more powerful machines are almost the same price and with some of the biggest games of the year for free; why get a Wii U at full retail price? The price it sits at all year, while the other two have limited time offers.

jholden32491444d ago

Target was running Wii U Deluxe bundles with Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land for $250.

That's a fair price, and almost $100 cheaper than even the cheapest PS4/X1 bundles we saw this season.

breakpad1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

whoever bought Wii U made a terrible choice ..Wii U is dying and Ninty siting their fans once again and prepares another console on parity with other systems...while i like the Ninty's famous IPs i m happy that is loosing the fight with their sit gimmick moneygrabbing products(all their machines are underpowered and gimmicky )they deserve the fall because they didnt deliver to the consumer and tried cheap methods to gain profits..if MonHun (and now Yokai Watch)werent exclusive to save the sales a little bit , Ninty would have real problems now

jaymacx1443d ago

@breakpad Wii U owners aren't victims of a bad choice... if the system continues to put quality software on the platform its good for us.. Let Nintendo worry about its sales. Because Amiibo is HOT now and could help them if the demand stays Hot in 2015. I have almost all the systems minus X1 and the WIiU hasn't let me down this year and 2015 looks bright. To be honest my PS4 was not getting played much after The LAST of US. Early 2015 will be good with The Order and Bloodbourne. I mainly play on WiiU and PC also x360.

BDSE1444d ago

These figures are totally made up, it's utter nonsense.

Jaqen_Hghar1444d ago

They're guesstimates. They have a fairly wide margin of error but are somewhat good for ballpark.

BDSE1443d ago

No, they're made up.

Jaqen_Hghar1444d ago

PS3 still hope for 100m (remember it's still at $250 retail or above for the models most people want). A man wishes Sony would have dropped the 250gb to $200 so as to have it half the price of the PS4. That would be a nice tiered model of sales.

insomnium21443d ago

I just bought a 500 gig super slim for my boy for christmas. The thing costs 260 euros and it was out of stock almost EVERYWHERE. Same with Minecraft PS3. Sold out everywhere. PS3 will have the longest legs any other console has ever had unless Sony axes it prematurely. If Sony makes a profit off of hw they will keep it on the shelves and pass 120 million quite easily.

showtimefolks1444d ago

So much for Xbox one out selling ps4, it's sale numbers like this that proves that MS is actually competing for 2nd spot. But great sale numbers for all systems. It's just amazing how MS pretty much bend over backwards and gave huge discounts along with bunch of free games only to still not out sell ps4 in overall sales

Competition is a healthy thing just look at Black Friday bundles, so in any case we as gamers win

Lenrulesdaworld1443d ago

but those sales worked they won the us/uk for november, i never expected world wide cause of germany, japan and spain. the ps4 just appeals more to that demographic. however they have put a dent in the gap of the two largest markets. if december is the same, xbox should be behind ps4 by 200k units in the us/uk. all those articles was only for us/uk being black friday is not an a worldwide holiday like that.

raptorjacob1443d ago

@Len, who cares if Xbox won UK and us. It doesn't make a dent in anything. If these numbers are right there is a bigger gap between the two.

Illusive_Man1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Sony only beat MS by 300K which is roughly equivalent to 3% of total Xbox One sales of 10+ million.

I don't find 300k significant at all and thats with MS being in less countries and Sony being a stronger global brand.

November was basically a wash if these numbers are anywhere near accurate. There was no statistically significant differences between MS and Sony global sales.

All Microsoft needs to do now is just blow out Sony every month in the USA and UK and put up decent numbers in other countries. The war will be close, not some slam dunk blowout like the Sony diehards think it will be.

Losso-Oso1444d ago

Wow, so delusional! You're no different them those that say that the only reason the 360 reached the numbers it did, was due to the RRoD, forcing people to buy multiple consoles.

Xbots, Sonyponies, PCmasterrace, (i don't know the put down for Nintendo fans) guys are all the same, desperate beings trying to validate you resistance and choices with public acceptance.

So sad!

The_HarryEtTubMan1443d ago

Where I live, MS were selling the Xbone for 330$ with a 30$ giftcard at Walmart....also including 2-3 free games. Talk about a fire sale! That's like getting a Xbone for less then 200$.

And they STILL lost. Close? When sold at the same price PS4 doubled Xbones sales.

kenshiro1001443d ago

That's really cute.
Got anymore excuses? It seems like every time these numbers come up, an excuse is brought up.

El_Assenso1443d ago

These numbers are really off. The PS4 has been hammering the Xbox One worldwide by around 250-300k every week in November worldwide so these numbers make no sense.

Why is this non-credible web-site not banned here yet? All it does is create a war of words.

UKmilitia1443d ago

on another note alot of people who got ps4 consoles for xmas havent even been able to play them yet due to the hack being in its 3rd day and still no service.

Sony really needs to up there game.
i downloaded the 6.5gb unity patch xmas eve so i managed to play my ps4(got at launch)offline and enjoy the awesome game that is unity but all the people trying to create accounts couldnt.

ABizzel11443d ago

The Amazing:

PS4 has just been the all around success story of this entire generation. IMO it has cemented it's place as the console to own this gen.

The Good:

XBO has made a huge comeback as far as prior sales are concerned. The real story. But the real battle starts January, once we see if MS raises the price back up, and how sales will be effected. But for now, this is everything MS wanted and needed (minus the steep price drops / bundles / gift cards / and promotions loss). Although XBO had huge sales for November and likely December it's still not going to be enough to knock 3DS down for the year, giving the XBO a strong 3rd place finish.

3DS is holding strong in the handheld department for Nintendo, however, sales are going down considering it sold well over 2m units last year. Nintendo made a big mistake IMO by only launching the New 3DS in JP instead of worldwide this year. 3DS sold 13m it's first year and tracked over 14m the last 2 years, and for 2014 it's going to be a struggle to crack the 10m - 11m mark. But selling 10m units in a year is still good regardless, and should keep 2nd place for best selling hardware this year, but handheld gaming seems to be on the decline.

PS3 has been doing well all year, it's almost always neck and neck with Wii U in weekly sales (which is great for an 8 year old console, but not so great for Wii U). And based on current sales it's going to take 4th place as the best selling console of the year.

360 has lagged behind all year, but still put up admirable number for a 9 year old console.

The Wii is still selling, so I guess that's good.

The Bad

The Wii U had a slightly better November than the PS360, but the fact that 8 / 9 year old consoles are even close is just awful for Nintendo to have to see. Even worse the PS3 is going to outsell it for the year. That has to be embarrassing for a brand new console to get outsold by a 8 year old console. The only silver lining is that the Wii U sold better Nov. 2014 than 2013. If 2015 isn't significantly better for the Wii U with it's great line-up year round, then the Wii U is officially another GameCube.

The Terrible

The PSVita is dead, and the polar opposite of it's more successful big brother PS4. At this point Sony is just selling the Vita as a companion device. They might as well do everything they can to drop it down to a $99 price, and make it a PS4 Go, because that's what they're doing anyway game wise.

combolock1443d ago

Why must it all be about PS4 beating the Xbox. Console gamers should be happy that the market is so strong that 5,000,000 consoles were sold in one month. But instead,.... "FUCK, Let me complain about Xbox giving away stuff to the consumer". Some of you are immature.

3-4-51443d ago

The Wii U selling 500,000 isn't poor. It is what it is.

That is 500,000 more people who own a Wii U who can buy games now.

Dev's for Wii U now have 500,000 more potential customers.

That stuff adds up quick and definitely matters.

Yea it's not XB1/PS4/3DS numbers but it's a solid month, especially for the Wii U.

That is like 1/8th it's lifetime sales or close to one month....not bad....not great..but not bad.

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1444d ago Replies(5)
DarkAstronaut1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

The Xbox One did not sell 2.3 worldwide. It did 1.2 in the US in November because of BF. There is no way the worldwide total (not including US) matched that.

The last I heard the general average for EU was 4.4:1 or higher in all EU regions in favor of the PS4. This was backed up by German, Italian and Spanish press releases.

This is a prime example of why no one takes VGChartz seriously.

GribbleGrunger1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

You're not looking at it right. The XB1 sold 400k more consoles than the PS4 in America in November. That means the PS4 sold 700k more consoles World wide than the XB1 during November.

@DarkAstronaut: I'm not doubting it's 'off', in fact I know it's off, but you're thinking there wasn't quite right. The PS4 has been undertracked by around 200k since the 10m announcement by Sony. They've also undertracked the PS4 in Germany.

Baring in mind that VGC is now three weeks behind, it's safe to say (adding the 200k undertracked) that the current sales of the PS4 will be around 18.5m - 18.7m

DarkAstronaut1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I know that and it's still off. Like REALLY off. Like I said 1.1 million outside of the US (where they were having a firesale) is unrealistic.

No_Limit1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Agreed Gibble,

people like DarkAstronaut nust be narrow minded to not believe it is possible that the XB1 can possibly sell another another 1.1 million more when you factor in it also was #1 in the UK, was released in 28 new countries just recently in September including the only console that is sold in China and is the Holiday shopping season.

Also, like you said, the PS4 sold about 800k in the US so it sold 1.8 millions more in the rest of he World and still relatively have about 600-700k advantage outside of the US in November.

Pretty self explanatory and logical to me and you...but it is somewhat hard to grasp for others, for whatever reason.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1444d ago

Last time I remembered vgchartz was so accurate when ps4 sold a lot more than Xbox one now it's not typical Sony fan boys

fermcr1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )


If I'm not mistaken, the only country in Europe that was announced that the PS4 is outselling the X1 4:1 was in Germany. Germany is not all of Europe.

Spotie1443d ago

Germany isn't all of Europe, but why would anywhere else be any different?

Playstation is the more popular brand, and tends to outsell Xbox by about the same ratio in most European countries, historically; what would have changed that?

And with Microsoft avoiding announcing numbers at all... well, who knows how badly their asses are getting kicked?

eyeofcore1444d ago

VGChartz heavily overtracked Xbox One and in usa by over 200k and PlayStation 4 by over 100K too while Wii U by 45K...

From information's that were released about state of European market, Xbox One is overtracked...

SaveFerris1444d ago

Apart from the NPD sales figures for Black Friday, how come MS haven't come out with an announcement regarding units sold and/or shipped since their one year anniversary? Or did I miss it?
I know they did one at the end of October this year.

RDF1443d ago

Thats simple really. The numbers were not what they expected.

snookiegamer1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Why are we so caught up over Sales? It's the xmas holidays for Petes sake! ...Let's just enjoy our new consoles/games!

Instead of carrying the concerns of INVESTORS/SHAREHOLDERS?

*I only dropped in because I'm waiting for my new X1 to run through all the updates. OMG!! all 3 of my current (PS4, X1, Wii U) gen consoles look great together, and I tried running PS4 through the 2nd HDMI socket...and it worked...kinda ;o))