2014: A False Start for New Consoles

Hayden Waugh writes: "This was meant to be the breakout year for the new kids on the block. The Xbox One and the PS4 would deliver bigger downloads, but more realistic visuals and immersive gameplay would result from more powerful technology than their Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 predecessors. How could anything go wrong?

While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my transition into the ninth generation of gaming, this isn’t your typical ‘year in review’ feature article. Sure, heaps of new titles were put on the digital and physical shelves but, all in all, 2014 just wasn’t that eventful when it came to good value, high quality games on these new consoles."

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JoGam2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Something has to be done to protect gaming networks from DDoS attacks. It shouldn't just be something anybody can do, anytime they want. Especially when people spend their hard earned money on a console / games just to have some idiot ruin it. This gaming industry is a billion dollar industry that's being interrupted by somebody who probably makes $20k a year. Smh Shouldn't be like that.

Godmars2902019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

The gaming industry shouldn't be moving to a wholly online dependent model. I can still take my SNES or Saturn out of the closet and play games for those systems. More and more with consoles like the PS3, 360 and certainly anything in the current gen, I don't have that assurance even owning the physical copies of titles.

Not that many games today are even worth playing offline.

christian hour2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Unfortunately it is impossible to fully prevent due to the nature of the attack, one way to allow legitimate users to connect during a DDOS attack would be to lengthen the amount of time before your request times out. HOWEVER, that would of course open up networks to even more damaging legitimate hacking attacks as it gives them a bigger window to get past encryptions etc.

A ddos attack is basically a program tryign to connect to a server a million times in the space of a second thus causing major traffic, they're not hacking the service or taking it down in any shape or form. And it's impossible to differentiate between a false request and a legitimate user, in the past when companies set up systems to prevent DDOS attacks on their servers, legitimate users were being punished and banned by said protection, so that route just doesnt work.

Majors2019d ago

I know where your coming from but as someone brought up yesterday limit access by IP address - but some people have dynamic ip's and that wouldn't work but how about limit access to the server by mac address ?? register console, mobile, pc then only then can you connect everything else is blocked. ??

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slate912019d ago

Me and my friends were just all talking about this. We are all still waiting on "Next Gen." The new gen consoles have been covered with bugs, online issues, game issues, and every other type under the sun. Since last november we have suffered through xbox lives' unstable party system, apps, and glitches here and there.
Publishers still sticking it to the developers with the same close deadlines they had last gen. Giving no time to actually learn how to properly develop on the new machines and release a finished polished product.
And an important issue that I feel hasnt been addressed, the gaming media not holding these companies accountable. Where is IGN? Where is Game Informer? Forgive me if there are articles that I missed but I feel like they are letting these companies off so easy.
The gaming experience Ive had on xbox one since last november, I would rate a C-/D+. Nothing feels next gen. Nothing feels as fluid as it was on the xbox 360. Nearly every game Ive played has had terrible launches the exceptions of sunset and forza.
I would just like an open apology and a promise to strive for better in 2015. Im sorry if Im coming off strong, but it has been a very, very frustrating time on my $500 "next gen" console.

(I speak only on Xbox cause its the only system I currently own and can give honest feedback on :p)

Revengeance2019d ago

This year wasn't exactly the best for gaming but 2015 will be year for gamers to remember. Loaded with awesome games for sure.

Muzikguy2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I have to agree this year has been terrible for the launch of a new generation of consoles. @slate I agree with all of that and I only have a PS4. I've definitely liked a return of horror games but everything else has just made me angry. Almost any time I've wanted to play online (I did play a lot for the first few months) I haven't been able to. I went 4 months without PSPlus and come January I'm stopping payment again. I shake my head in disbelief that this is what the companies were going for.... ALWAYS online. They were so quick to want to take our money and run. I'm glad we didn't fall for that. Physical all the way. I haven't bought a digital game yet. The network has been so bad I don't even want to

@Godmars I agree with that too.

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