Why You Should Consider Buying A Wii U

Flickering Myth: This Christmas many people will have likely picked up a new games console, and chances are that would have been either a PS4 or a Xbox One. Sadly, many people will have looked over the Nintendo Wii U, which is often deemed too childish, and somewhat ignored. As a matter of fact picking up a Wii U may have been the best decision you could have made over the Christmas. There are certainly a great deal of positives for buying a Wii U instead of the other consoles. For those who have overlooked the Wii U, here are a few reasons why you should consider buying one.

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Chuk51394d ago

Smash is the only reason you need, everything else is a beautiful bonus

marloc_x1394d ago

Bonus: stable network that is free of charge..

higgins781394d ago

Its a fright that what we should be taking for granted - such as a stable network and polished/complete games (for example) - are classed as a 'bonus'. I mean, we pay a premium for consoles and games, should we not get what we pay for?

Griever1394d ago

And what can you actually play on that network? Destiny? CoD? Halo? Battlefield? FFXIV: Realm Reborn? Forza? Wii U has none of those popular online multiplayer titles so what good is that network? Besides, I wonder how stable it would have been if it had more than a hundred million players and the lizard squad actually bothered targeting it but I guess they did not think it was even worth it.

Concertoine1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )


You're right, i should be paying 60 bucks a year for a network that is always under maintenance, being DDOS'd or some other nonsense. I've been waiting forever now to play some Drive Club online and i can't.

I can't believe you're still going to find a way to knock a company for providing a stable online experience for FREE. That's a whole new level of incompetence

1394d ago
Griever1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )


What has competence got to do with pointing out bitter facts? Do you even know meaning of the word incompetence and the context it is used in?? The guy attacked other networks and I only replied with facts. Try to learn a little about DDOS attacks and what they are so that you can realize that they are almost impossible to prevent when somebody decides to attack your website or network. It is not a hack; they are just hundreds of thousands of artificially generated requests through computers instead of actual users trying to access the network causing the network to slow down to a crawl and crash. The Nintendo online network does not has the same number of users, services and market significance as Xbox Live or PSN. As a result, it does not have to suffer the same level of burden and attention. It has never undergone stress test to actually determine how stable it is. How can a network go down when it does not even have 10 million Wii U users and hackers do not even pay attention to it??

Concertoine1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )


Of course there are factors as to WHY it is stable, but how does that invalidate it? It's still a free service that very rarely experiences issues. I just find it funny that rather than admitting this point, you cook up a list of reasons and games you CAN'T play. I could list a bunch of games you can only play on the wii u, but it's clear i'd be wasting my time. Your facts are fine, you're the bitter one.

Yeah, let's only count the Wii U users to make your point. Not like there's 50 million 3ds' out there. They only recently shut off the connection for 100 million wii's and 155 million DS's. But yeah, let's pretend 3ds owners don't exist, and act like hackers not attacking the system is a bad thing.

randomass1711394d ago

@Griever PSN and NN are good for different reasons. Come at me bro. xD

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Genuine-User1394d ago

And what if you're not a fan of Nintendo franchises?

StarLord_Who1394d ago

That means you're a horrible human being.

eightiesbaby1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I didn't realize Bayonetta, wonderful 101, Devils Third, Xenoblade Chronicles, zombie U, Watchdogs, Rahman legends, splatoon, cod, Deud ex, Batman, Assassins Creed, Tekken, Lego undercover, Trine, sonic all-star racing were all Nintendo Franchises, Do you have any sources for this?

04roacht1394d ago

Give them a go. I didn't like them that much till quite recently and now I think they are all awesome.

Genuine-User1394d ago

I said Nintendo franchises, not third party exclusives and Multiplatform games.

I have been playing Nintendo games for a while mate. The question I asked was not indicative of how I feel. Some of the games created by Nintendo are really good in their respective genres.
I grew up playing stuff made on Sega and Sony consoles, so I don't really share the same Nintendo nostalgia as others do.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1394d ago

wonderful 101
Xenoblade Chronicles

are Nintendo franchise

eightiesbaby1394d ago

Ur comment implied that there was only Nintendo Franchises on Wii U, I gave u a list of games that are alternative games which counteract your statement.

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thelwebb1001394d ago

I watched some gameplay of Mario 3D world on Wii U and it looks so damn fun! I think ima switch it up from the usual Sony and Microsoft and take a risk with Nintendo.

josephayal1394d ago

I'm not saying it's a bad game but I just don't get the reason why people go crazy over the Smash bros games? Honestly, I'm getting bored more or less

3-4-51394d ago

A lot of Nintendo games still focus on the core Single player offline experience.

The kind that can't be ruined by other people online, or by hackers.

zero_gamer1394d ago

Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. are two of the biggest online multiplayer modes on Nintendo Network. Hackers can ruin them.

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1394d ago
aLucidMind1394d ago

I got mine just for Smash. Does anybody have any suggestions on other games outside of Mario Kart?

On a side note, I seriously think Nintendo should look into doing that open world Pokemon RPG that many Pokemon fans have been wanting. Just have it go Pokemon Stadium when you're going into a match.

TXIDarkAvenger1394d ago

Played Bayonetta 2 for the first time yesterday and its really good. Never played the first one though.

higgins781394d ago

Other than Smash? Hmm, let me think...SM3DW, W101, Pikmin 3, Tropical Freeze, Wind Waker (should you have foolishly not played it via the Gamecube), Lego City Undercover, NES Remix 1 & 2, Pushmo World. Seriously, NONE of these games are simply 'filler', all polished, fun and incredible experiences.

Svinya1394d ago

There's Pikmin. I hear good things about it.

1394d ago
AWBrawler1394d ago

Try monster hunter 3 ultimate, warriors orochi 3 hyper, wonderful 101, master reboot, shovel knight, deus ex, and hyrule warriors

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Gemmol1394d ago

stable internet beside top of line first party, is good reasons in my book.....I played over 500 online matches in Smash bros, I gotta take a break

JediHunter661394d ago

Picking one up tomorrow, cant wait! Been missing Nintendo tremendously!

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