Games of 2014: The Last of Us: Left Behind - The long kiss goodnight

" Despite the myriad moments that build to it playing out the way that it does, I'm slightly abashed to say that I wasn't expecting the kiss. I don't know why. It's plain to see that Ellie and Riley's feelings for one another run deeper than platonic friendship and despite neither being able to give voice to it, they know it, too. Instead, it manifests through instances of subtle physical contact, heated accusations and some slightly awkward exchanges. Revisiting Left Behind after several months, it's endearing to watch the pair talk around their feelings, coaching them in light-hearted teenage banter and friendly digs as they reacquaint themselves after a lengthy absence; it reminds me why Left Behind is one of my favourite video game stories of 2014.

Amongst its many touching moments is the imaginary bout on the broken arcade cabinet. This gift from Riley to Ellie not only lends weight to events in the main game but also leaves Ellie exasperated at her friend's inability to acknowledge why they're really there. It's a date, of course, the two girls unwittingly echoing a teenage ritual from another age despite living in a world in which a trip to the mall is a fanciful quirk of an unfamiliar past; the superficiality that the complex represents long since left behind."

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1417d ago

Nice article. What can anyone say that hasn't been said about TLOU and Left Behind? The stories are engaging, the gameplay is only made better by the ultra-violent encounters with enemy A.I., especially on the higher difficulty settings. Now all i'm wondering is, what does Naughty Dog have in store for the sequel? My imagination runs wild with anticipation.

ArchangelMike1417d ago

It's definately one of the best - if not THE best, game story out there. TLOU is quickly becoming the "game I've complete the most number of times". And it's simply because of the brilliant story.