Until Dawn Isn't So Scary in Japanese

Hardcore Gamer: PlayStation Japan has released a, you guessed it, Japanese version of the Until Dawn trailer revealed to the world at PlayStation Experience last month, and boy oh boy does it ruin the sense of horror.

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nidhogg1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

I don't understand. the atmosphere still seemed intact to me.

EDIT: okay so I rewatched the original and this one so I did get the author's point. But for me it's still fine moreover it would be funny if the game comes with dual audio. I'd like to play this on japanese with english subtitles and have a few laughs.

FullmetalRoyale1445d ago

At the very least, that would give me at least two playthroughs. :)

Lightning Mr Bubbles1445d ago

Cause it's too hilarious in Japanese to be scary.

OB1Biker1445d ago

I think its not really scary in English either but looks real fun to play

Thatguy-3101445d ago

I agree. Didn't really see it as a horror game to begin with. It's more of a suspenseful type of game with a few jump scares here and there.

SaveFerris1445d ago

I wonder if this will be a successful title in Japan and elsewhere as it seems quite different to the usual survival horror games like Resident Evil. I'm definitely interested in this game though.

KingWookiee1445d ago

He just wants to play a game :( Judging him by his looks is not right. Maybe he just wants to play a fun game of Twister...

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ValKilmer1445d ago

I didn't really think the game looked scary in general. More weird than scary, and I think being in Japanese highlighted that kookiness.

GameDev11445d ago

It is meant to be a cheesy teen horror flick game anyway, not really scary

But it wouldnt be scary in Japanese anyway if you dont understand the language

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The story is too old to be commented.