Should Activision Replace Call of Duty?

411mania: Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of Fact or Fiction. As always, I am Daniel Anderson, and I hope everyone has had a good week. I just realized that this will be the last column until Christmas. It seems like it comes faster and faster each year doesn’t it. I hope everyone has all their shopping done. Anyway this week we have 411’s Todd Vote going against Stephen Randle. Let’s see what they have to say, shall we?

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hiredhelp1394d ago

They need to give it a break a longer cycle activision has many great IPs under there belt yet never use them but push COD Series each year.

CerealKiller1394d ago

The 20+ million people that buy it every year say no.

wonderfulmonkeyman1393d ago

The 20M+ that buy it every year are eventually going to stop buying it when they start getting worse and worse due to not being developed longer.
A AAA game like this should take at least a couple of years to complete, year and a half at the soonest, if they want to do a lot of research into how they can introduce new and significant improvements to the formula to keep it interesting.

New guns every time will only work for so long, and a super suit for soldiers isn't exactly untrod territory for shooters.XD

Ripsta7th1393d ago

I was surprised when i saw CoD AW only had 3 pistols !!!
Didnt all others have 5 and up?

BX811393d ago

Umm... isnt the cycle two yrs now? I thought there were 3 devs working on cod games. Personally I kinda like AW. However I will never buy another cod till it releases with dedicated servers.

Kingdomcome2471393d ago

They would never consider parting with one of their three golden geese. (Skylanders/Destiny)

TXIDarkAvenger1393d ago

Obviously because Activision doesn't love money /s

TedCruzsTaint1393d ago

Why? It's still a major bread winner for the company, there's still a massive audience who comes back for it every year, and now that they have three companies working on the company (two of which have proven they know what they are doing) with long dev cycles, we can only assume more quality releases going forward.
I'd be happy for Activision to roll out a big new IP, but why try to replace something that is still doing them very well?

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