WQ 33: How Often Do You Purchase A New Game?

Noah says, "2014 is rapidly coming to an end but our Weekly Question series still has a few more entries to go before it’s 2015, so let’s end it right. Today, I asked the staff, “How often do you find that you purchase a new game? Does one last you weeks/months or do you easily get bored with one game and must move on? Do you find one single game suits you at one time or do you need several to jump between?”"

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1444d ago

Well this year it's been averaging 2 games per month. Next year is going to be very interesting for the PS4. Between the console exclusives and multiplatform games i'm not going to know what the hell to choose from month to month.

AceBlazer131444d ago

used to be 2 a month but now with prices of games getting cheaper quicker than usual and so many of them being glitchy or downright unplayable at launch, I'm thinking of just starting to buy my games in bulk every 6 months or so.

tinkypop1444d ago

one or two a month if the bank lets me.
Like to start and finish, then move on.
If said games take my interest more, i do end up replaying.
Zombiu is one that comes to mind that keep dragging me back.
If i dont have much time mario kart 8 or bit bayonetta 2 online..
Next year going be the killer for me to keep up, still have a backlog to catch up on and back log of games to buy.
Only just bought hyrule warriors / smash so should keep me going for a bit.

PoSTedUP1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

i buy prob once a week not including ps1 psp and psn games. i have a short attention span (or an addiction) and need to play a little of each game a day, switch it up some days, then go back to others etc.

just bought freedom wars, week before that was sword art online, a few ps1 games, valhala knights 3 (horrible impulse), bunch of ps1 games etc. i think im gonna chill out, maybe just buy resogun for vita today and nothing next week,. i really want tails of heartsR, FF10 remake and atelier meruru tho..

Sheed1444d ago

one or two a month but it's probably dropped to once a month since buying new game at launch runs the risk of it being a glitched half-baked unplayable mess.

Dyldog691444d ago

A new game or a full price game? Any game I haven't played is a new game.

Noahmtodd1444d ago

Just new game in general.

NiteX1444d ago

A brand new $60 maybe once every 3 months if there is anything I truly want. Games that have been out for a while and I buy on sale? Probably 3 or more a month depending on the price.

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The story is too old to be commented.