10 Weird Facts About Gaming In China

WC: Titles are censored, Sony and Microsoft fight not just for dominance but to even exist, there are games that have never made it to the west and people who’s entire livelihoods revolve around playing such titles. That’s just a smattering of the ten weird facts about gaming in China.

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Sir_Simba1418d ago

I think 1.3 million people in china may be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off. changet the million to billion

vikingland11418d ago

Why does whataculture always have a top ten list and then make you click through ten pages with one paragraph each?

I'm never giving them hits again ,wtf/no.

guyman1418d ago

Who keeps approving this "scroll through ten pages for more hits" website A.K.A Whatculture, every single article is "top ten this or that"... so annoying. wtf/no

assassin2k1418d ago

I've given up clicking through these. Usually the strange facts or lists are things fairly common knowledge anyway.

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