Wii U 8GB console is tempting for casuals and curious alike at £145

Dealspwn writes: Act fast and you can order a basic Wii U console (the white 8GB one) for an enticing sum of £144.99. Delivery and store pickup options are available.

This is a great option for casual gamers or families looking to pick up the console for the cheapest option possible. While the more serious gamer will prefer the 32GB model, this is fine of you're not planning on filling it up with new games on a regular basis. PS4/XO owners tempted by the Wii U's exclusives could do far worse too and with a bit of memory management (or use of an external hard-drive), you could balance the likes of Mario Kart 8 and Zelda Wind Waker HD with ease.

We ran a hot selection of Wii U games for under £10 earlier if you want to add a few games to your new console.

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GokuSolosAll1392d ago

$99 is the sweet spot, not jumping on board till then. Or until they release Mother 3.

CloudRap1392d ago

Yeah I think I'll just wait it out I have a feeling the next nintendo console might just be competent hardware wise.

Summons751392d ago

It should be tempting for anyone. Buy it and then buy a 1 or 2tb external....really not that complicated. That's what I did at launch.

RosweeSon1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Yeah day one here also sure everything gets cheaper if we all wait long enough but nintendo will have a new console out in the next 2-3 years get on it before we've all moved on. More than enough to play on this console. Still on my 32gb tho haha and that's with Pikmin 3, wind Waker and mario kart 8 all installed ;) but yeah what the chap above said.

Summons751391d ago

2-3 years is WAAAY too soon for a new generation when this generation is finally getting it's steam for all systems. 5-7 years is a much better prediction. Last gen last 8 years and I suspect that consoles will start reaching out to 10/12 over the next couple gens. But there is a ton to play on the console and even more great games on the way.

Pillsbury11392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

I just dipped my toes back into Nintendo with a 2ds for 78$ over the holiday. I was craving some zelda which is why I bought it. I would pick up a wii u if it was the right price.

RosweeSon1391d ago

While I agree 2-3 May be too soon nintendo never stretch a console cycle out beyond 5-7 years due to the fact they never go all out on technical grunt but at the end of the day we've had the gamecube 2001/2002, original Wii was 2006 and the Wii U was 2012, it's been out 2 years already another 2/3 sure but I can't see they will stretch this console out until 2020 another 5/6 years, we won't hear anything at this years E3 on a new nintendo console but 2016 I would bet money on it, not saying it'll get a full unveiling but as much as I love my Wii U a lot of the big Nintendo franchises have been or are due in the next year or so, once that happens and as Nintendo don't churn out multiple smash bros games or mario karts on the same generation I think it's logical nintendo will get their next gen system out within 3 years just so there is a massive gulf between wii u and the ps4/xbone as there will be in a couple of years time, Nintendo will need to counter that, sure I don't want ultra realistic mario games but would love a nintendo console that has some technical grunt to rival the others so that the 3rd parties have no excuses for poor ports and more importantly all these people who must have the best technical system and graphics will hopefully be happy enough, I myself just like good games and gaming systems but as Nintendo always have some of the best games and have again this year had at least 2 or 3 absolute Classic games I'll never give up on Nintendo always got place for their system alongside my main console (ps4) good Times.

Wii U just needs to start popping more of the home console games on the virtual console service whilst the GBA games are great they were built for a handheld and are a natural fit for 3DS why don't they do Gameboy, colour, advance and DS games for 3DS, alongside NES and Snes and the Wii u should be NES, SNES, N64,.. gamecube!! And yeah a few GBA and DS on the side they seem to be releasing the wrong games for the wrong systems in my opinion sure have it on one but if it would be better on the other system how hard is it to make it available on both, come on Nintendo, 3/4 virtual console games a week please there's such a vast quantity of quality titles just get on it and get them out ;)