10 Most Scandalous Gaming Moments Of 2014

WC: "Hasty cancellations, check. More than a handful of controversies involving the app store, check. Censorship, sexism, and ethics in games journalism? Check, check, and double check. Here are the ten biggest video game scandals of 2014."

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johndoe112111392d ago

Most scandalous gaming moment of 2014: "Unfortunately the biggest controversy of the year in gaming must also count amongst its 2014’s most scandalous moments. At least, it would be nice if it was simply a moment, but the #GamerGate train seems to just keep trundling on unabated, despite the widespread desertion from the movement of those that actually cared about ethics in games journalism, and a series of pieces in the mainstream press that rightly pegged it as rooted entirely in sexism, racism, and general awfulness."

Let me fix that sentence for you mr author:

Most scandalous gaming moment of 2014: 85% of the gaming media called their audience dead and said gamers are over all because gamers were tired of a corrupt system that allowed gaming "journalists" to profit off of under the table deals with developers and push their friends, and in some cases "lovers", games with favorable reviews. All this was brought to light due to a scandal involving zoe quinn and several "journalists. Who, after the incident, received much criticism for their part in said scandal.

There, see how much better the TRUTH can sound mr. author?


Oh, by the way not that you would care but your site was just added to my block list. Have a nice day.