Fortune Magazine: Sony's New PlayStation 3 lives up to the hype

Despite the delays, the shortages, the unprecedented high price - $599 for the premium 60-gigabyte model, assuming you can find one - and the small number of available high-definition games that take advantage of its powerful new Cell processor, the PS3 sets new standards not just for video game play but also for multimedia entertainment in the digital era.

It also reaffirms that Sony (Charts) is still at the top of its game when it comes to designing advanced technology in stylish packages. Sleek and gleaming black, it blends in with the most sophisticated of living-room home-theater systems, which sets it apart from the alien designs of its two main competitors, the Microsoft (Charts) Xbox 360 and the new Nintendo (Charts) Wii.

In the ongoing DVD format war, it also gives a huge boost to Sony's push to make the Blu-ray Disc the dominant standard for high-definition DVD players and movie titles (over rival HD-DVD), since the PS3 becomes, for now, the least expensive Blu-ray player on the market.

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Antan4341d ago

Well i for one won`t buy a PS3 till i see something worth playing. I live in the UK so by March who knows what will be available. Motorstorm is a defo for me, but if theres nothing else available i will most certainly hold back. Yes im a big Sony fan, im also a big 360 fan, but the extra year MS have had i don`t think they could of done anything else to improve their chances in the long run, which we all know is what this "war" is.......a marathon. Im soon to be working on a PS3/360 shooter so im hoping both versions will be the same, of course ill know as soon as i see it. For me this headline is wrong for the time being. Ask the same question in 12 months time.

kornbeaner4341d ago

For being one of the few people that don't care what the box says and plays the acutal games. YOU ARE A TRUE GAMER.

power of Green 4341d ago

It almost sounds like pre launch hype. lol

joemutt4341d ago

I would be dissapointed with the game lineup, and after a few blu-ray movies, what else is there to do?

I know, I can browse the internet! Thats what I will do while I wait for a good game, browse the internet!

Until I realize its better to browse on my PC.

Maddens Raiders4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

How does it sound like pre "launch hype" when the first three words of the article are "Despite the delays..."?

Everything after this paragraph is part fact / part educated opinion; otherwise known as forecasting or estimating. Fortune is written by investors for investors and most tend to think long term.

This article is just a quick on the spot analysis with a little future hedging going on. Don't be so quick to read negativity on all things related to the subject matter man. Drink a beer.

-& joemutt I like the browser system. Anything that I can watch porn on in between games is pretty cool. HA HA j/k

Sphinx4341d ago

...that every non-gamer magazine or TV show or whatever, talk about how the PS3's casing is so elegant and beautiful, like a grand piano, like a goddess of shiney black and chrome, like a midnight rendezvous with a gorgeous hooker... who cares?!? It is supposed to play games, not sit there and look pretty.

Maddens Raiders4341d ago

and I haven't had a red laser of death problem, nor 480,720,1080i/p problems, nor overheating nor connectivity problems. Sphinx are you actually a PS3 owner or does all your info just come from the web, mags, heresay, etc? I highly doubt you are because if you were, you would know that it plays games just dandy. When I fire up & play Resistance it's outstanding (not 1 fu|<n glitch!) thank God! I'm stuck at the little crawler eggs and it's great & looks disgusting!

-#8 - You must've been playing on a Sanyo 27" CRT with dial-up ' (sorry) cause Multiplayer works great for me on those games (C.O.D. 3 & RFOM) and Ultimate Alliance, and Madden, and the graphics are gorgeous. But I like Blast Factor too, so go figure. lol Downloaded the Motorstorm demo and fire it up like every thirty minutes. That game rocks! I own NBA2K7, but haven't fired up online yet so don't know about the online experience. I've got nine games and they all play and look great.

--So 4 you to come in huffing and puffing and and just say that it blows testes is simply overboard. --

It's actually fun as hell. And yes, I play 360, and the wii, but they don't get as much rotation as my PS3 - not now. No wires, no straps - maybe that's it, I dunno maybe the perfect video playback to shut up all my goofy friends, shot with my Cyber-shot of me waiting like a fool in line in the freezing cold in another state for the machine that's displaying it. Or maybe all the photos that I downloaded from the Vaio onto the PSP and uploaded to the PS3. Now only if I could change the XBR background wp and get rumble back - ahhh. And yes, Genji does suck, but looks ridiculously "fine". You know the system overall is not nearly as bad as you say it is. As a matter of fact when I go to my friends houses and take the PS3 over, they can't help but stare at the damn thing. I'm talking wii, owners, 360 owners, PC only-gamers. It's pretty cool. I'm not saying they love it, but they just look and look and look at it. I put a controller in their hands & it's on; 6 or 8 hrs. blown to hell. But really - do Get a hold of that unbridaled hatred man it'll kill ya in the long run.

-p.o.g. I see you're back to your old self. That's more like it.

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