Review - Far Cry 4 The Game That Makes You Stay Behind Your TV For Weeks - Paradiger

We have all noticed that Ubisoft did not have very smooth launches for the games that released the end of this year. But thankfully Far Cry 4 is the one with the least amount of problems and not in need of a ton of patches. Now let’s see if Ubisoft could convince us to wander in the wilderness of Kyrat on our console instead of playing in the snow in our front yard.

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Parapraxis1390d ago

I usually sit IN FRONT of my TV to play games.
Maybe this is why the author has spent weeks trying to play FC4?

dodo1011390d ago

In dutch it's pronounced that way

PersonMan1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Who the hell goes BEHIND their TV? That makes no sense.

I guess it's like being "Behind the wheel"... heh.

Syleros1390d ago

has anyone ever tried playing far cry standing behind your TV, it's really hard. I mean I usually stand or sit in front of my TV when I play games.

Smitty20201390d ago

I love this game! Worth the money

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