2014: Hex's Year In Review

Good Game's Hex takes a look at her favorite and most memorable games of 2014:

"When I look back on 2014 - it feels like it was a bit of an awkward year for gaming. The excitement and anticipation of new consoles had us ready for a whole new generation - but the reality was a little bit more transitional. The games with the biggest hype didn't necessarily create the biggest impact. The fact is, as much as we all like to start fresh - out with the old and in with the new, practically that's just not possible. As a result, this year was a tricky year to navigate. We felt a little pulled in all directions. We got some games for new consoles, some for old ones. Some that were created for both."

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gamer78041392d ago

didn't know this show existed, thanks for sharing, subscribed to their podcast.

hemmo19861392d ago

Yeah its been around for years now. Started off crap than found its way than they fired the original host (junglist) than it went to shit again. But its slowly getting better. Hex is hot but she's a feminist who has a whine as soon as there's any women getting naked in a game. But its ok when its a bloke getting their kit off

poppinslops1392d ago

Her complaints were directed at Bayonetta's gratuitous crotch shots... Did you not see the montage?
Platinum (and others) have sullied an otherwise outstanding game with blatantly juvenile perversions...
Besides, Bajo agreed with her assessment... Is he not a feminist?

Anyway... Good list, Great show.
I'm looking foward to 'Lifeless Planet' on Xbox.

hemmo19861390d ago

I wasn't referring to bayonetta but to her cracking the shits to any female being potrayed in a sexual manner throughout the years. Which is fine but c'mon suck it up thats life. Women are something to be admired both sexually and morally.

Maxor1392d ago

This is a show I watch rather than listen to so Podcast doesn't do it for me. I can't see Hex in a Podcast LOL.