Pint-Sized Lego Lord of the Rings on your Vita for £5.85

Dealspwn writes: Lego Lord of the Rings is sensational value for money on the PS Vita, especially at £5.85. Use the discount code XMAS 5 to get a fiver off and prepare for hours of collectible-hoarding fun.

The only downside to this Lego title is the official voiceovers, as it gives the game too much of a straight-faced angle compared to the other Lego games. That aside, you're getting the usual Lego brand of addictive collectibles and fun gameplay. With three Lord of the Rings films to get through, there's a hell of a lot of game here and you'll get to play as a huge number of the cast with many extra folk to unlock in the endgame too. It's all about evil Lego Gollum though.

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