X vs. O: Japan and the West

Ever wonder why the X and O buttons are "backwards" for Japanese games? AUTOMATON's Peter Martin did, and this is what he found.

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yuukiliu3354d ago

O = correct answer on a test in school.
X = wrong answer.


PDP Deluxe Xbox Controller Review

All the features you want at a price everyone can afford. The PDP DX controller is at the moment one of the most impressive accessories I have ever had the pleasure of using at its price point.

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Xbox’s Major Nelson Shows Off Limited Edition E3 2017 Xbox One Custom Controllers

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has been among the most active members from the Xbox team to push out as much news for Xbox fans. He recently revealed an excellent custom designed controller they had for E3 2017.

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InKnight7s2442d ago

Isnt there million way to design one? Why isnt these simple colors not included?

XanderZane2442d ago

I'll bet these are going for $200 on Ebay right about now.

GamesMaster19822442d ago

Thats where mine would go if i had one.

ssmilloy362442d ago

too each they own I guess. I'll take 5-6 $37 amazon ones please


Killatia At E3 2017 Hyperkin's Duke Xbox One Windows 10 Controller - GotGame

Remeber last year’s Brute controller? The Xbox one and PC controller made by Hyperkin? Well here is the new successor to that controller call The Duke, a throwback to the first Xbox controller ever made. Here’s the interview to the original Brute controller: https://gotgame.com/2016/06...