Nostalgia Sells: New Consoles That Look Like Old Consoles

Mike Williams writes:"To celebrate the original PlayStation, Sony is offering a limited 20th Anniversary Edition of the PlayStation 4. The system is a basic PlayStation 4 system, vertical stand, controller, and PlayStation Eye, all colored in the same grey as the original PlayStation. The PlayStation logos on the hardware come in the original PlayStation four-color tones and Sony has etched the PlayStation button symbols into the bottom of the system. "

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Relientk772025d ago

I gotta agree, that controller and the way the console looks. I absolutely loved my PS1, so I needed the 20th Anniversary PS4.

breakpad2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

i think "nostalgia of quality" sells not just nostalgia..if an Xbone was repainted /remade to look like the originalXBOX or X360 nobody would care and spend such amount of money ...

-Foxtrot2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

I think in five years time when it comes to the 25th anniversary they should do a PS4 anniversary console which looks like the PS1. By then they will most likely have slim PS4s out so I'm guessing they could re-design the PS4 into a PS1 look a like.

Maybe next year they could do a 15th anniversary of the PS2 and do the same thing. Even make the PS Camera look a little like the eye that would be cool.

If they do the PS1 idea they could do a little redesign of the PS4 controller where it has a slim battery pack in the back of the controller which resembles a PS1 memory card and when you want to recharge it you could slot it where the PS1 memory cards would go. If you have two you could keep on swapping them with no silly USB cable.

Relientk772025d ago

I think eventually Sony will do some anniversary console that looks like a PS2, don't know when though, maybe for the PS5

2024d ago
MultiConsoleGamer2025d ago

I don't want the 20th Anniversary PS4. I actually think the black model looks much better. I just want the 20th Anniversary controller. I think it really looks great.

ziggurcat2025d ago

it's not that i don't want it, i just don't need a second PS4. if i had no PS4, i would definitely want.

i do, however, need a new controller, so sony releasing the anniversary edition controller would be a for sure buy for me.

qwerty6762025d ago

well when theres only like 1000 of course they'll sell.

try releasing it on a mass scale and see how many people would pay $100 more for the same console.

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