Kim Dotcom Makes Deal with LizardSquad to stop attacks towards Xbox Live and PSN

All of you who just got your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for Christmas can now connect to Xbox Live or PSN. The recent DDoS attacks from Lizard Squad have taken the services offline, but have since stopped

The founder of Mega tweeted Lizard Squad asking them to stop the attacks in exchange to give their entire crew 3000 Mega lifetime premium vouchers.

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Snookies121418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Uh, nope, PSN is still down for me in the US, East Coast.

Regis1418d ago

I'm here in the West still down for me

newsposter1418d ago

The agreement between Dotcom and LQ just happened so it may take a few for the PSN servers to return we would hope!

SolidStoner1417d ago

if you can log in you can play some games online.. just dont go offline, you will not be able to get back online instantly, it took a few tries for me and I played GTA online for 6 hours! ;)

sadly now Im offline and cant get back again.. friends list dont show up in PSN and game services are struggling to work normally..

at least many gamers spent some time with they're families! ;)

nX1417d ago

Nooo seriously? He rewarded those lowlifes for stopping their attacks? Prepare to see weekly DDoS attacks from now on, either from Maggot Squad or someone else... I always had respect for Dotcom but that was a moronic move to say the least. I'd rather have the servers down for a few more days than sending out a message like this into the world.

Exari1417d ago

@bloodborn thats exactly what I thought... but we needed a solution and it seems this is one..

NuggetsOfGod1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Good time to play on steam..

Also I think he shouldn't have made the deal.

If hackers feel the might get some reward to stop making trouble then
It may make things worse.

If I was paying for a service a company can't protect I would be pissed lol

sonarus1417d ago

lizardsquad are just lowlifes that seem to gain amusement from crapping on everyones fun. Now they have been rewarded for their cyber terrorism. Whoever said terrorism doesn work is a liar

XisThatKid1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

This is so messed up. I've experienced no network issues on my end. East coast NY Westchester.
My brother in law has though same area, this is so ridiculous. Hope everyone can fully enjoy their new devices soon.

IWillBeKnown1417d ago

@XisThatKid Base off from what I've recently learned, the issue has been resolved and the reason for the inconvenient network still being down is because Sony is trying to add more security to prevent this event from repeating. Thus, to conclude, Psn is in maintenance atm and won't probably be on till later today or if we're lucky soon.

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Nykamari1417d ago

The servers are up. Was online at 2:30am east coast US

Spotie1417d ago

They weren't up when I checked around that time, and they're not up now, either.

christian hour1417d ago

The servers were never down (unless sony and MS have taken them down since I went to bed last night) they were just queued up with too many false queries and your attempt to connect was timing out. If you were lucky enough to get connected then as long as you didnt disconnect you could be playing this whole time. I managed to get on christmas morning and then while I was downstairs talking to relatives it went in to rest mode :P

Tried briefly to get back on last night but gave up after ten minutes. Havent tried again today, too much family junk going on. Prob wont get back on the console til I head home on monday, I'm sure this'll all be over by then.

Gaming247allday1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

This is all a big advertisement i bet for Kim's new site since the Government shut down his last one lol, how many people are going to google this now? and are hackers (quote, unquote) really going to listen to anybody? half the internet has told them to stop this already and they are going to listen to Kim? i doubt it

nX1417d ago

Well they got premium accounts for his site in exchange... the thing is, nobody should've given these guys the attention they're craving for. DDoS attacks cost money, these maggots can't afford renting so many servers forever so it was bound to be over shortly anyway. Now they got rewarded for doing it and you can bet that we'll see even more attacks like this in the future -.-

morganfell1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

"Well they got premium accounts for his site in exchange"

And you believe this? Oh wait, it must be true it was on the internet.

christian hour1417d ago

I clicked the link anD got a malware warning from google chrome. Can anyone tell me what kinda malware is on this guys site and if its harmless or what?

christian hour1417d ago

I'm getting these malware alerts almost everytime i go to a stories source on n4g today actually. So either N4G is being funky, or google chrome is being funky. (Chrome says the malware itself is coming from :-/ )

morganfell1417d ago

I am having a good laugh at the disagrees. Almost a full day after this so called agreement the attacks continue. And at least 7 people were dumb enough to believe this article.

christian hour1417d ago

I dunno Morganfell, you tend to make a lot of sense and speak logically on this site, which tends to annoy a lot of irrational fan boys so, chances are they don't agree with the article, it might be you just have a legion of haters that love to disagree with you :P

This being N4G, that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if it turned out to be true

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ZombieKiller1417d ago

I truly do not understand this...

These basement dwellers stopped the network WHY? To prove a point or to get Mega bucks? On top of that, since when do we all of a sudden give into terrorists? Why hasn't any legal action been taken?

Not to mention, is that all they wanted? Or was it to prove a point? AND WHAT WAS THE POINT? This made Sony look like a Martyr just now to me. Sony is a business trying to make a living and to me, they are pretty fair when it comes to the support on their product STARTING with the Playstation. I believe this so much that I give them $50 a year to continue to grow (and so I get the PS+ games of course) and these lowlifes took that from me on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Night. Not from Sony, from me. What point does this prove apart from me not being able to play GTA Online Christmas night with my 20 crew members and 1) Have that Snowball fight we were planning on having and B.) Get my Ski Mask from the holiday special...
Seriously what a bunch of douche bags....and on Christmas

All I gotta say is I saved that list from Finest Squad.

hiredhelp1417d ago

So Ansew GIVE IN ....? Now this start others to do this see what they get offered.

shloobmm31417d ago

That's weird because according to finest squad it is all their doing. I see everyone is trying to take credit for them being back online.

aLucidMind1417d ago

I'm wondering if some regions are affected more than others. I'm in Pennsylvania and I was online with my family all day from noon til 10pm yesterday.

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-Foxtrot1418d ago

He made them a Deal? Is he bloody serious

You are basically giving into them and now more hackers will band together to get more free shit.

Well done Kim ¬¬

PeaSFor1418d ago ShowReplies(1)
OmegaShen1417d ago

Not a hack, why do people keep thinking DDoS attack is a hack?

Kivespussi1417d ago

Some people just aren't that good with the terms. To them any kind of cyber attack = hack.

andibandit1417d ago

because 0.01% of the population cares about the exact definition of the term.

CorndogBurglar1417d ago

Because its easier for people to just call them hackers.

If you call them anything else, then the general population wouldn't know what you are talking about.

Tell someone that a bunch of skids are taking down the network and they'll have no clue what you mean.

OmegaShen1417d ago


Your math is pretty bad, the exact definition does matter for those that could have their personal information stolen vs PSN/XL being down.

Only kids don't care because they are using there parents credit card.

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OrangePowerz1417d ago

Yea let's give terrorists what they want, that will stop them in the future to do anything bad. /s

OB1Biker1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

DotCom: "But if you attack them again those vouchers will be terminated. OK? and again, thanks for letting people play including myself" To this Lizard Squad replied: No Problem

What a shameful lot of BS

Palitera1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Do you think he minds about it?


He just paid 300k so he could put his consoles back online. Not a big deal at all. At least not for him... I doubt he will live until he is old anyway.

KwietStorm1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

You doubt he will live until he is old? Why would you even say that?

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1418d ago
jriquelme_paraguay1418d ago

Watch out. This site is Dangerous. Malware Alert

Randostar1418d ago

Do you even internet Bro?

cm_1417d ago

getting this warning come up with every link I am clicking through on n4g.
never happened once in the two or so years i've been using this site.

christian hour1417d ago

Same. I'm hoping n4g havent started sending our browsing data to advertisers when we click links now.

GokuSolosAll1417d ago

Am I in the future? Dafuq is a mega lifetime premium voucher?