Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Discouraging Random Social Interaction

After almost a year of uncertainty Rockstar Games only recently lifted the lid on the upcoming Heists update for Grand Theft Auto Online but the latest information sheds some doubt on certain decisions.

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Snookies122015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

The only random social interaction I got on GTA Online is my car being shot up whenever another player spots me.

Lord_Sloth2015d ago

Agreed. My cousin and I were just shopping and ended up in the middle of a 5 on 2 war that engulfed 4 city blocks and claimed countless lives.

SolidStoner2015d ago

GTA5 online feels awesome, looks good... but very unfinished and unfair.. people who randomly shoots other must be punished more somehow, Im tired that I cant get anywhere without a sick gunfight.. and also those Online Jobs, they work weird, sometimes lobby is full, but sometimes you cant find a single damn person to play with, for many hours.. very weird...

Dannycr2015d ago

Use Passive mode. When you are in passive mode, if you are in your car, they cannot destroy it.

TXIDarkAvenger2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Yeah and then they will end up targeting you instead since your vulnerable to damage even in passive mode inside a car. It's fair since you can still run people over but annoying as sh*t when your just cruising.

Dannycr2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Wait what? No. If you are in Passive mode, you are "ghostly". They cannot harm you and you cannot harm them.

I have had people throw rockets at me, C4, etc, and they have never ever killed me while I'm sitting in my (owned) car while in passive mode.

If you exit your car, the car can be destroyed, but you are still "unkillable" while in passive mode

Also I have my car set up so that only friends and crew members can use it.

SuperBlur2015d ago

Not sure why the disagree.. Passive mode now make you a ghost and the car you drive. I do remember on old gen it was easy to abuse passive mode users. I dont kmow if thats a new gen feature lol

Dannycr2014d ago


I'm sure its a couple of haters (i know almost for sure that one of them is a Nintendo Fanboy)

It basically hits the disagree button almost as soon as i post anything.

I don't care about the agrees or disagrees, I care about the conversation in the comments.

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Kivespussi2015d ago

I had an awesome, 6 player snowball fight at the top of the big mountain. Then the 7th player flew in with the attack chopper and decided it'd be fun to kill everone and get free kills.

Thank god for the new-ish mentality system so we knew he was coming. He shot first but we ended up killing him over and over, around 15 times until he left. Probably didn't learn his lesson but whatever, was fun.

Yes, the community in GTA Online is pretty bad but there's a lot of people that you can have fun with too

Lord_Sloth2015d ago

This site is giving me a malware warning.

Snookies122015d ago

Everything linking from N4G says it's got malware for some reason... Every site I've tried to go on at least, even ones I've been to before.

m1dday2015d ago

I remember when I accessed N4G on my computer and when clicking links it would open up a suspicious pop-up, which led me to think it was a problem with my computer.

Turns out when I used it on different computers the problem persists so I thought that's why this keeps on happening on several N4G links on Chrome recently.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2015d ago

Something is wrong with n4g's servers.

Ikki_Phoenix2015d ago

the online is not that great anw
+ the kids in this are the worst community i found in a game so far this gen

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