Crunchyroll heads to Wii U

As of today, Wii U owners can access the Crunchyroll application, a leading global destination and platform for anime, manga and Asian dramas.

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Kaiyu3141394d ago

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Is all I can say :)

Summons751394d ago

Sounds awesome but just like my Playstation I haven't been able to connect to the online all day because of all the new systems hitting. I was gonna buy a ton (like 4 or 5) games on both systems but I can't do anything.

Deathdeliverer1394d ago

Yay, now I can get my crunch in no matter what im using.


Yup, same here, good news indeed.

DarkBlood1394d ago

the drama part of crunchyroll is that still anime or am i correct in thinking its live shows?

also will i need to use my credit card to try the trial out?

KonsoruMasuta1394d ago

The Drama part of Crunchyroll is not Anime. It consists of live action Japanese dramas.

Yes, you do need your credit card to sign up for a free trial. However, you can use Crunchyroll without paying. The downside to a free account is will having to watch ads, though. You also lose the ability to watch episodes the day after they air in Japan, and have to wait a week before it becomes available to free users.

DarkBlood1391d ago

thanks for the reply.

so it will function pretty much like on tv on a free account and i guess if i dont like going through ads too much i can always sign up subscription wise from a free account?

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