Jane Confronts WWE 2K15's Undertaker in Oxbox Xmas Challenge

Outside Xbox: "On this Oxbox Xmas Challenge, I must defeat The Undertaker in WWE 2K15 with an original character created by Mike and Andy. Behold, Chauncey Milquetoast, the purplest wrestler in sports entertainment!"

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lfc_4eva1445d ago

I find this Jane girl strangely hot.

Kingdomcome2471445d ago

I go for the natural beauty as well.

pasta_spice1445d ago

Give me a naturally pretty girl in a baggy Christmas sweater over a fake Barbie girl with caked on makeup and silicone lips any day!

Kingdomcome2471445d ago

I couldn't agree more. Excessive makeup is a huge turnoff for me. I've always gone for what other people call,"Plain Jane", or,"The girl next door."

PS3Freak1445d ago

Why is it strange?

She's clearly attractive.

lfc_4eva1444d ago

I wasn't implying anything negative.

I also wasn't just talking about her looks, which i like. Its her mannerisms, her smile and voice.

All these and more I find attractive in her.

Just don't tell my wife ;-)