Special Battles in Pokémon ORAS are Absurd

Hardcore Gamer: Remember your first battle underwater in the original Ruby and Sapphire? It felt new and actually exciting to search for a few Pokémon in the depths of Hoenn’s seas. By comparison X and Y’s Skybattles are a neat little novelty, but the limits they place on usable Pokémon are very strict.

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-Foxtrot1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

The thing which I don't get is if it limits the Pokemon you can use in the air why does it not do the same anywhere else

I mean even on land when you battling a Fisherman he'll send out something like Goldeen or Tentacool which just floats in the air. If you are underwater you can send out whatever Pokemon you my Blazakin, a FIRE pokemon aswell is going to survive underwater?

It's fine for the handheld games, but I think if they ever make a massive open world Pokemon game for the Wii U this will have to be more "grounded" with what Pokemon you can send out.