Driveclub: Check Out The Free Mazzanti Evantra Looking Almost Real on PS4 in 26 Screenshots

If you have Driveclub, Evolution Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment left a lovely Christmas Gift on the PSN, in the form of the Mazzanti Evantra free DLC.

If you want to see how it looks, here's a gallery with 26 screenshots taken directly on PS4.

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Orbilator1446d ago

Awesome, I bought this day one and loved it, after the last update its my no 1 racer ever, well done evo, your my number 1, well till gt7 hits that is, so at least another 3 years lmao

SoapShoes1445d ago

It's a great game and I agree with you on GT7. Went back to playing GT6 today for vision GT cars and it's amazing how good it still looks. GT7 is going to blow everything away.

Dee_911445d ago

I've been playing Drive club, assetto corsa and got my hands on a pCars build recently and playing those really made me appreciate Gran Turismo.Not just the graphics but the cars , tracks, physics and customization.Honestly if they just revamped the sound and added a bit more tuning/customization it wouldn't be too hard for GT to reclaim the throne.They are on track with the customization with the small bits they added in gt6, like recolor calipers, number plates and custom gauges and wings.I complain about GT a lot but when you really compare it to other racers, its an incredible game.. I know this is off topic but every time I play or read about Drive Club I just imagine what the next gt will be like.

tucky1446d ago

Hope they will soon fix the awful glass reflection ... Looks so unreal!!!! The cars loose all their beauty with this

Blaze9291446d ago

again with the Driveclub screenshots lol. If it ain't gamingbolt - you can be sure to find it from Dualshockers. They gotta be apart of some secret Driveclub advertising campaign lls. No other game continues to get screenshot articles 2-3 months after it comes out

Spotie1446d ago

Hey, how about you stay on topic?

Oh, that's right. You have to troll this game. It's like some sort of instinct for you.

No other game continues to look better than anything else out there 2-3 months after it comes out.

Seriously, if you have a problem with the game or articles about it, stay the hell out of em! It's not rocket science.

Blaze9291446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Never went off topic to begin with fam.

"You have to troll this game." lolwut? no one's even talking about the game, im specifically talking about why we are getting submissions on Driveclub screenshots literally like everyday on N4G when the game is and has been out. It's an N4G observation.

"No other game continues to look better than anything else out there 2-3 months after it comes out. "

through that I can tell you care too much. Honestly, calm down - feelings and gaming don't really mix. You end up looking like, well - you; Paranoid, sensitive, and immature.

You act like I said the game was crap or something, geeze

nX1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Don't give these trolls too much attention, that's what the bubble system is for :)
Those are screenshots from the new DLC car, I don't see his problem with this article.

bellome1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

This is just because it is one of the most eye candy games out there. Simply as that.

Ripsta7th1446d ago

Ps+ plus edition Driveclub wouldve been nice

iceman061445d ago

It still WILL a matter of time I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.