David Hayter Sound Files Found In Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, Medic's Face Finally Uncovered

The ruse cruise continues.

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THamm1420d ago

Pretty sure it's a troll in mgo

Wizard_King1420d ago

Again, what!?

It was thing first thing I noticed and my only real complaint with the whole game, Kiefer just isn't Snake to me.

Other than than I'm so pumped for Phantom Pain, the multiplayer is going to be amazing and the inclusion of MGO from MGS3 is beyond fantastic.

generic-user-name1420d ago

The medic's face was a nice find though I don't recognise him so I don't know why his face was hidden until now.

The 'Hayter' voice doesn't seem one bit legit to me.

1420d ago
showtimefolks1420d ago

I don't have any insider info or anything but it wouldn't surprise me if hayter is i MGS in some capacity

Amazingmrbrock1420d ago

I like the theory that he's going to come back to voice the big boss clones. It would make the most sense, it would get a bit confusing if there were three or four characters that all looked similar and sounded identical. Plus they could say sutherlands voice is supposed to sounder older and gruffer.

Heavenly King1420d ago

David Hayter is Solidus Snake. That is all.

It was very obvious really.

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Becuzisaid1420d ago


DarkOcelet1420d ago

!!!? If Hayter comes back then that would be awesome. But then we would have been trolled by both Kojima and Hayter lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.