AMD Defends Against Claims That Mantle Is Only A Temporary Solution Before DirectX 12 Launches

"You don’t throw your screwdriver away because you currently need a wrench," says AMD's Robert Hallock.

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JazMac342020d ago

Weird getting malware warnings trying to look at this article, gonna avoid until that gets resolved...

tee_bag2422020d ago

Same here. N4G is dirty.

FromTheAshes2020d ago

Got the same thing happening to me on Chrome. Oh well.

Besides AMD's Mantle is already a proven working API...I find it odd that Microsoft mysteriously unveiled DX12 as soon as Mantle's benchmarks are shown proven to work.

edqe2020d ago

Microsoft wants "vendor lock-in" as much as possible. They do what ever needed to eliminate the threat.

I hope Khronos and AMD keeps collaborating while working on OpenGL NG.

FromTheAshes2019d ago


"Microsoft wants 'vendor lock-in' as much as possible." Precisely that. Remember when an AMD exec Richard Huddy announced DX12 was Windows 10 only exclusive? Then backtracked on his statements.

I'm wondering if he is in a NDA with Microsoft over the release of DX12 which is still a year and a half too late to the table vs. AMD's Mantle.

ChickeyCantor2020d ago

Probably one or two malware ( false-positive ) warnings and it got reported to google or something.

Maxor2019d ago

Mantle's struggle for relevance is the least of AMD's concerns. Right now this company desperately need to have a tech answer for the Nvida's Maxell GPU before they're crushed out of existence. If you combine this with AMD's absence of market share in the laptop and mobile market place, the outlook is incredibly bleak.

FlyingFoxy2019d ago

Eh? AMD may be behind in CPU's but their GPU's are pretty competitive with Nvidia, and with all the consoles using AMD hardware they are not going anywhere any time soon.

darksky2019d ago

Maxwell isn't all it's crack up to be. I bought a gtx970 on the back of many early reviews but wish I had gone for a 290X instead. The GTX 970 performance in most modern games is actually slightly less or just equal to the 290X yet it cost more.

kingduqc2019d ago

I'll disagree with you right here and where is why:

First. There has always been a time gap between Nvidia and AMD's new architecture release for a few months, this isn't new and it's normal.

Second. The AMD cards in the market right now are highly competitive price/performance wise. Their 290x is around 200$ cheaper then the 980 and the 290 is about 100$ cheaper then a 970 here and they perform just about the same(more heat and all but we are talking performance here) on top opf having more free games offered, Imo it's a better value. Yes the Nvidia cards are better, but not by a landslide ON TOP OF the fact that those AMD cards are 13 months old. That's HUGE.

Third. Their next cards 390/390x are just waiting wafers from chips manufacturer(newer 28nm or 20nm). They'll release with HMB(stacked VRAM) and will whoop the floor with the current nvidia offering. We are talking 30-40% bandwidth advantage and 50% speed increase. Their 980 are not that much faster then 290x/780ti too..