Game of the Year 2014 (GameWatcher)

From "2014 has been a hell of a year for games. The new consoles finally gave the bigger publishers an excuse to up their graphics settings. E3 showed us what great games we’ll be playing in 2016. The term “bug testing stage” was replaced by “we’ll patch it later, what’s the worst that could happen?”. The fight of Sexism Vs Ethics In Videogame Journalism continued unabated. And the question of “oh, so you cover more than just strategy games?” was finally put to rest as Strategy Informer rose from the ashes as Game Watcher. Truly 2014 was a memorable year, far better than that miserable 2013, which was so forgettable we forgot to do a Game of the Year feature for it. Ahem."

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joab7771420d ago

Dragon Age is hands down my GotY. There were many great smaller games, the remasters, and some quality AAA's, but Bio ware is back big time with DA.

I always said that if Bio ware and Bethesda made a game, it would be the best rpg to date. Well, Bioware took a page from them with this game and it's amazing. The world is so finely crafted, it's absurd.

My only issue is difficulty. Sure I have died a bunch but I want to die alot. Hopefully my nightmare playthrough with friendly fire will take care of that.

To boot, we get The Witcher 3 next yr, another company that took from Bethesda. I can't wait.