Infinity Ward's Next Call of Duty To Feature New Gameplay Mechanics, Weapons & More

"It's a well-known fact that Infinity Ward are currently developing their next installment in the Call of Duty franchise and though it may still be quite a while from seeing the light of day we've managed to scrounge some details on the upcoming shooter." - The Games Cabin


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chrish19902022d ago

Nope, the ad was from this Christmas day.

Kingthrash3602022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

^^^Sense of humor at 0%

Ot we've heard this many, many times before from infinity ward but mostly got copy and paste. I'll admit sledge hammer made a decent fun cod this year removing the nasty taste of ghosts from my mouth...but as much as id like to take their word for it, I gotta see exactly what they are bringing to the table before i get excited.

chrish19902022d ago

@kingthrash - literally just realised the original comment was poking fun at CoD! My bad guys, I do have a sense of humour but it's a little stunted at the moment from last nights Christmas shenanigans!

TheBurger292021d ago


I figured out what they are going to do! MECHS! It will be new and innovative; something we have never seen before!

LightDiego2022d ago

Since 2009 we have Call of Duty AND Assassin's Creed every year, so much innovation, lol.

quenomamen2022d ago

More like

Paytaa2022d ago

If this was 2009 I'd be pumped for MW2.

JudgmentJay2021d ago

"New gameplay mechanics" *sighs*

3-4-52021d ago

* At some point the COD Franchise found the nearly perfect combination of elements to make their games fun.

Most fans just want THAT Combination, +1080p + 60FPS.


They keep trying to push these gimmicks that, years ago, people realized don't work well....

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Sashamaz2022d ago

I like how this article is based on a job posting, the same type that you will find on pretty much every game studio that is currently hiring. This is pretty desperate surely there are other more worthwhile things to write about.

chrish19902022d ago

That my dear is how news is found and whilst there may be "more worth while things" to write about, there are currently millions of people who are fans of the Call of Duty franchise, so to those few millions this is quite relevant.

Alicornium2022d ago

Lol no one cares. Treyarch master race

chrish19902022d ago

I remember when alot of CoD players used to claim IW were the superior studio and the Treyarch were the second class team.

Personally I've always found treyarchs games to be rather good; decent stories that don't shy away from the gore of war. World at War still remains my top CoD to date.

iiorestesii2022d ago

Lol black ops ruined cod. Waw has class at least. Treyarch is the slowed down version of cod for boobs.

chrish19902021d ago

Matter of opinion really, some, like myself enjoy the reality of black ops (first one anyway,) the cold war was an interesting back drop as was ww2 for world at war. Have to admit BO2 was a little downhill with the futuristic stuff but the "back in the past" parts were cracking. The modern warfare games are just too samey for my liking, but as I say, personal opinions and all that...

2022d ago
Special-Agent-Milo2022d ago

How 'bout Modern Warfare Trilogy Remastered HD? PS4/XB1?

Relientk772022d ago

I would buy that over Ghosts 2 in a heartbeat

Double Toasted2022d ago

A remastered COD? Think about that for a second...

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