Skylanders Dev Crafting "High Profile" Action RPG For PS4, Xbox One & PC

n-Space have primarily worked on handheld ports of popular franchises over the last few years having released portable entries in the Call of Duty franchise as well as tackling the Skylanders series on the Nintendo 3DS.

However, it now seems that n-Space are looking to branch out into the home-console crowd with their latest game, an upcoming "high‐profile action RPG" game for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Fizzerd1420d ago

Lol the Call of Duty DS games weren't that great, but I'm intrested to see what they come up with.

chrish19901420d ago

I dunno, i actually didnt mind the WoW one, was good fun at the time!

TheGrimReaper00111420d ago

O goodie

Will it take Crash Bandicoot and absolutely rape its design?
And will it be piss easy?
And feature 700 dollars worth of microtransactions in the form of actionfigures?

I'm sorry, but this guy killed Spyro for me and brought in a terrible trend with the toys and it starts to spread. Nintendo is doing it, Disney is doing it and I wouldn't be surprised if Sony and Microsoft start doing it.

And btw, all of the portable Call of Duty games SUCK!