UPDATE: PSN Recovering After Today's Outage

PlayStation's PSN status page has recently gone back to green, and is reporting that the PSN is back online. Meanwhile, PlayStation's official Twitter support account has posted this update:

Update: We are seeing reduced reports of network issues. We'll continue to monitor - thanks for your patience and happy holidays!
— Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) December 25, 2014

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Kaiyu3141394d ago

Just glad its back up. Happy Holidays.

vishmarx1394d ago

thats odd. i played 5 or so hours of gta last night and didnt suffer a single disconnection

thorstein1394d ago

It's intermittent. The Destiny servers were having similar trouble. I just kept trying once I was on PSN. Seems fine now.

DeadlyOreo1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Yeah, it's still completely down for me in London, England. It's annoying to say the least, especially on Christmas Day :(

Edit: It either says it can't connect to the server, or it's undergoing maintenance.

lipton1011394d ago

It's still down for me.

Testfire1393d ago

California, USA here, can't log into PSN at all. Wanted to watch Netflix, but no go.

SilentNegotiator1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Down/issues for some isn't an "outage"

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solar1394d ago

As a PC gamer, this pissed me off for you PS and XB1 chaps. Hope they get it up and running soon for all. Merry Christmas gamers.

Findingcrybabies1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

yeah, but for how long? Paying for a service means they should have defense against constant DDOS, its OBVIOUSLY a constant and ongoing issue.

Spotie1394d ago

Yeah... NOBODY has constant defense against DDOS. Did you bother to look up what a DDOS is first before saying that?

Strikepackage Bravo1394d ago

That's incorrect there are defenses against DDOS. The hackers themselves have said it is a lot harder to bring down Xbox Live. They have never been able to bring down the Xbox one Live service for more than say 90 minutes or so, and even then it is usually just a friends list that goes missing. Xbox 360 is slightly more vulnerable because it doesn't run on Azure. The bottom line is Sony just doesn't have the cash to build a network with the capacity to resist such attacks.

MajorGecko1393d ago

dony should divert ps npw devolopement money fpr psn network defence second time this month psn gets ddosed this problem wont go away sony needs to wake up

medman1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

@strikepackage bravo Both my psn and xbox live were down for Christmas, xbox live came back up before psn did though. My psn is still out, while xbox live was gone for about seven hours during the day today for me. Don't hackers have better things to do than pester gamers and game companies with this nonsense? Hack some communists nations already. Leave us alone. I'm not impressed.

indyman77771393d ago

@Strikepackage Bravo that a big lie. I still cant get into Xbox live it is now 9:49 where I am at. It was noon when I last earlier.

To say there is a legit ddos is to show extreme ignorance.

SilentNegotiator1393d ago

That's like blaming cops for someone getting stabbed to death in an alley.

Locknuts1393d ago

@silentnegotiator - it's more like blaming the cops for someone breaking into a police station.

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Findingcrybabies1394d ago

let them live in their stupid little worlds strike. Let them do a few searches and now they're an expert on any subject. The world needs people like them too.

rainslacker1393d ago

My job before changing careers to go into game development was a network security analyst(writing internal security software to be exact), so I didn't do my research on Google, I did it in four years of college, and I can tell you that Strike is wrong in his assertions. While there are defenses against DDoS, no company is able to prevent them 100%.

MS is a bit more adept at getting things up and running when an attack happens due to a massive amount of redundancy in their servers, but to expect Sony to ever be able to match that kind of redundancy is unreasonable since MS makes most of that redundancy available for it's massive business interests. Sony wouldn't have any reason to go that far.

There are very few companies that could afford to have, or even have a need to have, the kind of redundancy that MS runs, and Sony simply doesn't need it to prevent a few DDoS attacks from time to time.

I'm also sure the consumer wouldn't be willing to pay for it either. Truth is, most gaming companies don't have the need, or the resources to run that many servers. Of course, that's not to say that Sony couldn't outsource it to some other service, such as through Amazon, or even MS if they so chose...heck it might even be cheaper for them to do so, and there is no shame in doing so, although Sony does have it's own servers so probably not necessary.

As far as the most recent wave of attacks, assuming that Lizard Squad is to blame, and we take them at what their word, they aren't attacking any of the manufacturers servers directly, they're attacking servers that are upstream, which means that the DDoS is really out of both companies control and it is more up to the ISP(likely a regional ISP one step away from the internet backbone) to take care of it. That means that other services which use the same ISP are likely having service issues as well, but we aren't likely to hear about those because the average person just goes on with their life when a web service is temporarily unavailable.

jc121393d ago

Good to hear, I still cant get on PSN as of right now.

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SeanScythe1394d ago

Mine is still down, my internet is working because I'm using it now to post this.

kenshiro1001394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Mine just went down. Said something about maintenance.

Edit: It's back up now.

SeanScythe1394d ago

Friends list is loading but can't get on any online games. Gtav takes you to story mode and says its online is down.

DefenderOfDoom21394d ago

Here in the east coast of USA, PSN down for me , hopefully it will up again tonight .

HollowZbankai1394d ago

im in east coast and i think it went down one time earlier, but i signed back in and it worked. that was probably 5am. its been working fine since

AceBlazer131394d ago

Still down for me as well.

stavrami-mk21394d ago

i was ok anyway till 20 mins ago now i can't get on hope this gets sorted soon

PoSTedUP1394d ago

mine was working. vita has been working but PS3 says its under maintenance.

CorndogBurglar1394d ago

Lizard Squad said they would do this crap on Christmas. Unfortunately I expect them to be screwing with Xbox Live and PSN all day.

GameDev11394d ago

Are we even sure its Lizard squad?

It might just be holiday consoles going live all together as people get their consoles and go online adding to hefty traffic

And Lizard squad would pathetically claim responsibility even if it wasnt them

1394d ago
rainslacker1393d ago

I'm starting to have my doubts that it is Lizard Squad. Current outages could just be normal Christmas overload. I could see it when they hit several places a few months ago(Blizzard, XBL, PSN, LOL, etc) although someone else also took credit for it, but since then it does seem like they are just taking credit for random outages. Everything seems so random with no real purpose, even if a stupid purpose. They haven't been saying that they will take something down one day, then it goes down that day. They always claim they are responsible after the service is down.

One might say they said they'd do it on Christmas, but slow intermittent service on Christmas day is not out of the ordinary, so it's kinda like a Patcher prediction

They did do a reddit thing where they did seem to know how to execute a DDoS attack, but it's getting to the point where I can't imagine there is any reason to anymore, but it does make sense that they do like some attention without much effort.

There's also the fact that if they had attacked companies as often as they claim, the authorities would have definately done something about it. But if there is no evidence that they actually did something besides trying to be cool by claiming credit, then there isn't much they can do to them.

ALLWRONG1394d ago

"Lizard Squad said they would do this crap on Christmas. Unfortunately I expect them to be screwing with Xbox Live and PSN all day."

Mostly just PSN, some people in the UK had trouble with the "360" for about a half an hour.

Nice attempt though.

Brix901394d ago

Wow nice job sounding like a douche...